Understanding the mind of the ignorant

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A couple of weeks ago, a woman from the building in front of mine thrown herself out of the window. She was trapped in a violently abusive relationship and she had just been beaten before rushing to this decision.

Although I have fantasized about suicide before, I was never able to go through with it, so I lack the understanding of what this woman felt. Just imagine feeling so suffocated that the only grasp of air you can find is on the cessation of your life.

My family and I were sitting at the table discussing what happened, and among…

Why working as a waitress was so important for me

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Customer service (retail, customer support, hospitality) jobs are, at times, looked down upon for being a low-wage type of job. They are seen as temporary jobs, great for a steady income while you are in college.

Despite its reputation, I believe that if you work these sorts of jobs, you will acquire essential skills to help you manage your future.

For me, working a customer service job was a challenge in life. I dealt with all sorts of people, encountered several situations I didn’t expect to see myself in, and I was overworked most of the time. …

How to cope during the lockdown

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Disclaimer: This is not an official document. It does not have any scientific foundations. I am not a psychologist - or work in any other similar area. This is merely peer support, based on my own and others’ experiences.

A few months ago, our day-to-day was completely different than what we are living right now. It is scary. A wave of nucleic acid molecules destroyed the world as we know it. We do not know when or how it is going to end and we have to adapt to our new reality. Staying at home has been the decision made…

A gentle reminder to me, you, and everybody else.

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You matter.

Okay. There is more than 7 billion people on this world.

And yes, only a small fraction of them would notice if you were gone.

But you still matter.

You matter to your mom who has carried you for nine months and sacrificed her body to bring you into this world.

You matter to your dad who has worked hard to keep you fed.

You matter to your brother who has always been there to protect you from the vile things of this world.

You matter to your sister who looks up to you.

You matter to your…

The more you procrastinate, the harder it will be to create content

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“We should be taught not to wait for inspiration to start a thing. Action always generates inspiration. Inspiration seldom generates action.” — Frank Tibolt

We have this idea implemented on us that we need the inspiration to create content. In consequence, we sit in front of a desktop, staring at a blank screen, praying that the motivation to write crawls its way towards us. Sometimes, it works and we get to writing. Other times, we need to craft a paragraph to get the inspiration we were impatiently expecting.

Waiting for inspiration will make you procrastinate

Looking back at all the times I’ve sat around for hours on…

A brief reflection

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The other day a friend of mine was dumped because his partner thought he was not good enough for her.

My mind wrecked.

Within seconds, I realized that I could never let go of someone because they were too toxic to stay in my life. Why?

Mental illness plays a huge role in relationships. I often forget about this. Living in an environment where mental illness prevails, it gets hard to know how healthy minds think.

My friends suffer either from depression, anxiety or bipolar. We are all stuck in toxic cycles in our lives. But because that is normal…

Just write your mind.

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Why does it seem such a problem for some when one writer creates different types of content?

Ever since I was young, the idea of having preferences on music, literature, sports, etc., seemed more like an obligation than a choice.

“People define their likes at the age of 14.” — Some unknown source cited.

Well, *Earl*, I like a little bit of everything. I don’t have a favorite artist, musician or author. I simply like the art, the song or the book itself; and it can be any genre. So, what does that make me? A rebellious teen? An outsider…

One way to cope with your problems is through writing.

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There is something beautiful about writing. It is so free. It makes you feel capable. And the best part is that anyone can do it. It does not require a special talent, and even if everything sounds trash at first, with practice, you can get better at it. If you really love it, writing can be the best thing you could ever do.

Some people write to inform their expertise, some write to share information and help readers and others, like me, write to deal with their own agony.

I can not stress enough how much writing has helped me…

Rita Alexandra

Portuguese in her 20’s and wildly anxious to hit publish. Manic-depressive with an unbalanced flow of art. https://ritaalexandra.substack.com/

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