Dear @Jack: It’s Time To Suspend Donald Trump From Twitter
Ellen K. Pao

Thank you for articulating the ways Twitter enables Trump’s ugly (immature, bullying) behavior and shining a light on the deeper issue: corporate capacity is not neutral.

As a society we underwrite the legal blood of corporate existence via the state charter, as employees, investors, consumers and, yet, place very few limits on corporate behavior. Instead, the worse behavior is address through the backdoor of regulations or laws, which are burden for corporations that are not the problem, unevenly enforced, and don’t always remedy the core issue. The solution is obvious: Require all corporations to convert to benefit legal status (B Corp)— where their legal structure is contingent upon consistent demonstration of added value to community, employees, shareholders — all stakeholders. The corporate charter must be subject to renewal at annual or bi-annual increments. Technology moves too fast to wait until the damage is done - the power of innovation must be balanced with integrated systemic feedback and intelligence.