How to Create Effective Facebook Ads

Social Media has evolved as one of the best ways to reach customers over the past few years. One of the big challenges is tailoring ads to the desired target audience. When used correctly, Facebook Ads can be an excellent way to drive bookings in peak season, grow your customer base during the off-season and encourage previous customers to keep coming back.

There are a few easy tips and tricks that businesses can follow to ensure they are making the most of their Facebook Advertising dollars.

  1. Target your audience — smaller and in proximity

The more specific you are about your audience the higher your conversion. Target users that have indicated their interest in your particular field and live within a 1 hour drive of your operation. This will increase conversion dramatically.

2. Test your pictures — Images play a large role in the click through

Many companies make the mistake of uploading low-resolution images, having too much text on photos etc. Facebook ads should always be vivid, relevant and have an obvious call to action. The most effective ads have high-resolution photos with minimal attention-grabbing text. Always have people review a few image options and confirm the most appealing before you use it. is a great way to find royalty free stock images to use in your ads or on your website.

Once you find a great image, you need to make it look like an ad. Try uploading it to — A great free photo editor.

3. Keep headlines short — Less is more

There are 3 pieces of text to add; headline, main text and news feed link description.

The headline: Studies have shown that the most clicked on Facebook ads have contained the buzz words “YOU, WIN, FREE, NEW”. Making sure to include one or more of those will guarantee high click-through traffic to your website. CLICK TO WIN FREE TOUR, TRY OUR NEW TOURS etc. The most popular headlines are five words long.

Main Text: Describe the offerings of your business, short and sweet.

Link Description: Reiterate the promotion they will be directed to when clicking on the call to action button. “Signup and receive a complimentary kayak lesson with any purchase of rental this summer”

4. Link your ad to a landing page, other than your main website.

When using a Facebook ad you are promoting a particular offering. After clicking on the ad your customers should be redirected to a webpage that reflects the specific offer or message from that ad. The number of people who convert into paying customers increases when they see clear messaging and obvious calls to action such as a sign up form.

Unbounce allows you to build landing pages without any web design experience or technical skills. It is not free, but the ease of use and quality of your finished landing page is totally worth it.

In conclusion: 
By following these four rules, companies of all sizes have managed to drive customers through Facebook advertisements. One of the best ways to ensure that website visitors convert to paying customers is to use an online booking software… Oh wait, we have one of those! Sign up for a free demo of our Agenda booking software today.