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This is stupid as a public company you can not just turn people away because you don’t like them I was a manager and had to deal with people every day and there were many I did not like but unless they became a physical danger then I served them. That is how it is supposed to work. Now if you are a religious organization that is different because then you can claim freedom of religion. It is the same as your insurance offering birth control or abortion if you run a company and your employees are not just of your religious belief then you have no right to deny them those services because then you are denying them their rights as citizens of our country. You do not have to like it but you do have to obey the law. How would any of the dissenters on here like to be told I will not serve you because you have Blond hair and I personally feel that to serve would be against me beliefs. That is the core of the issue people are feeling free to castigate others more so now because the highest office is held by a bigot and he surrounds himself with even bigger bigots who want to “Make America White Again” wake up America was not “White” from the beginning it was brown and red because Native Americans were brown with a reddish tint at the time Europeans came here and they soon proceeded to steal the lands of the natives and eventually kill or force most on to almost unworkable lands all because they resisted the theft and fought back And by the way no native ever broke a treaty with our government but our government broke most if not all of them. Our for fathers said “All Men Are Created Equal” But the really meant only those that looked like them because George Washington had slaves and I am sure many of the others did as well. We are supposed to be in an enlightened time where the bigotry of the past is meant to stay in the past not in the present. If all of you who want a “White” country go find some where else where you all can go and enjoy your “Whiteness” and leave the rest of us alone to enjoy our free country. Christian, Jew, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Wiccan and all of the other faiths are what make America great. White, Black, Polynesian, Arab, Inuit, Aborigine, Scandinavian, Japanese and all of the other ethnicities these are what makes America great. Straight, Gay, trans, Bi the other gender identities on the list and even one person I have heard of who was born with no gender at all these are what makes American great. We are the melting pot of the world yes there are bad people out there who want to hurt others, steal and assault them but being different does not cause injury it is the people who are different who are usually the ones harmed. The modern Bible has been tainted by others in the past to change what they wanted people to believe and most of the time it was done so people could be persecuted for being different. When I was younger I had the ability to take people pain away with my health issues I have lost it but I had people say to my face that it was of Satan and a couple of hundred years ago I would have been tortured and killed as a witch for being different. This is exactly the same. I heard a man I have always looked up to say that Gay marriage the cause of the downfall of the American family yet divorce rates among Gay couples is lower than that of straight ones, many believe in God and believe as I do that God put them here for a purpose maybe just to teach bigots a lesson that all of us are his children. By the way all of those rules you are using to denigrate the LGBT community you are forgetting a very important one Judge not lest you be judged. I know your going to say but you are judging but I am not saying any one is going to hell or they deserve to be attacked or murdered and even going so far as to claim that the only tragedy is that more weren’t killed as one “preacher” claimed after the night club killings. Advocating for the death of others is not behaving in a Christ like manner. Jesus said “let he who is without sin cast the first stone” when the people wanted to kill a woman and not one stone was thrown. Why? Because it is also said “For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God”. So while you are sitting there in judgement of others maybe you need to look at more than just the text that you believe support your view point. Your very words will come back to bite if you do not do as Jesus said to because he did not allow any violence against others and only did so himself to give the Romans a reason for his Crucifixion. “Love you neighbor as yourself” this is an absolute and in the Biblical terms your neighbors are the people of the world. It does not say love them if they look like you, if they believe like you or speak the same language as you. An absolute.

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