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Who do they think they are? To say they speak for all Christians give me a break. I am a Christian and I believe all people have the same rights and to deny service to someone solely on the basis of sexual identity is wrong. God loves all of his people even if they do not believe in him. I have said and it is true that the holy books of the three faiths that believe in the same God have had them messed with in the past and I think even today as we now have multiple versions of the Bible. I have seen two different versions of the scripture that they use and the older one says a man shall not lie with a man it is an abomination which a person who understands the meaning of this passage based on the culture of the time it was written said it means that a man may not demand sex from a male servant and that is the abomination NOT same gender sex period. The passage has been changed at some point to say “A man shall not lie with a man as with a woman it is an abomination”. These changes happen when the people in power wanted the average person who usually could not read to believe something their way. this has occurred all through history not just in religion. All cultures have done it! The Egyptians destroyed sites about a Pharaoh who after he died had so angered the populace that any mention was deliberately destroyed. i.e. Akhenaten King Tut’s father who tried to change to one God Aten the sun God. There is a saying that history is written by the victor. All people who believe as I do that all people regardless of faith, country of origin, religion, gender identity or any other reason someone can come up with should have the same rights and protections. Now if a person has committed heinous crimes then that is different and they should be held accountable.

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