When you only have 24 hours to make it happen

As part of my Middle Eastern and South Asian tour, I finished up workshops in Pakistan and I arrived in Abu Dhabi last night for the workshops today.

Okay…so I go to the front desk of the venue to let them know I’ve arrived and checking everything’s all good to go for the workshop….when they said what I wasn’t prepared for…

“You can’t deliver the workshops..” (followed by a blank stare)

Me: “Ahh pardon me?”

I thought I misunderstood the accent when they told me, but it turns out, in Abu Dhabi you need a government permit to deliver ANY event from micro meetings to weddings and unless you have a pre-approved permit from the government I was going to break the law if I delivered the workshops in Abu Dhabi 😱😱

It was news to me, to say the least 😳

I was really curious about why this law existed because, hey, after I got over the shock of this news, its the law of the land and I was going to respect it but see thats the whole purpose of living your passion….the whole journey is about problem solving the unexpected curve balls and this certainly was a complete unforeseen big, fat, oversized, hairy, canary (get the picture) curveball!

So I go to my room and think well I have to cancel, I mean, I need a permit, I had no idea and it that takes time to get one AND the workshop is in less than 24 hours #fudge

So I do a bit of talking (with my inside voice) and thinking and find there is a way around this…granted its not the most convenient way but its a way that I can keep my commitment to my attendees and help them in their journey find their passion and monetise it.

So I’m cutting a video on my Facebook page tonight (same day as the workshop), about how I’m going to overcome this oversized curveball.

So If you’re stuck or in search of inspiration or just want to know HOW I’m planning on making this work so it can give you your next breakthrough and to see if what I’m going to do is actually going to work…

Meet me tonight 8pm — when I do a Behind The Scenes (BTS) video.

Here’s how to join me..

#1) Go to https://www.facebook.com/unboxyourgift/

#2) LIKE the page (otherwise Facebook won’t notify you with the training video)

#3) Join me for 8pm (Sydney, Australia time) BTS on my Facebook page as I share how I’m getting past this inconvenient truth and still teach/coach AND keep my commitment to attendees (legally)😄😀😉

See you 8pm :)

Rita :)

​​​​​​​P.S I’ve been sharing the Behind The Scenes (BTS) videos about the tour since it began, so its only fitting that I share how I’m resolving this on the same page as all the other BTS trainings, so click the link below, if you haven’t already https://www.facebook.com/unboxyourgift/