The Fashion world never seizes to amaze me with how it adapts to new consumer behavior and needs.

There are three key trends I have been noticing as a fashion tech enthusiast. 1. A shift to a sharing economy which is leading to more and more fashion rental businesses. Examples of successful business models that I came across in London are and Both allow women to rent items, enjoy wearing them, and return them. 2. Customization is another key trend I have seen in different forms. It ranges from allowing customers to add their initials to products all the way to getting products produced or changed specifically for them. More and more customers want products sent to them that suit their needs and taste and often want someone else to curate the products for them. The Chapar does exactly that; they send men packages of clothing based on predefined criteria they shared with the specialists. 3. Mobile Swiping to search for people and products is another new accepted behavior of our generation. Stylect, the “Tinder for shoes” allows women to swipe through thousands of shoes until they find their perfect match. This facilitates the discovery process in a fun and interactive manner.

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