Resource: E-Learning on Defunding and Abolishing the Police

Created for Canadians

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In light of defunding the police becoming a concept that more non-Black people are finally engaging with these days, I decided to create a resource to help shed light on some of the conversations Black communities have been having about this topic for centuries. I’ve gathered a collection of articles and media that I found clear and easy to understand, focused on current content that re-imagines the future, and tried to prioritize the Canadian context.

It’s around 2.5–3 hours of learning material and I would suggest going in the order I’ve laid out below. There is a lot more than this on the internet, but I hope this gives a modern overview of some of the information and conversations that have always been out there — and that the non-Black public seems to be ready to hear.

This resource will be updated as I’m continually learning and #DefundThePolice campaigns pick up support in cities across Canada and the US.

🍁= Canadian Content

— -


1. Introducing Ideas on Alternatives to Policing (5 mins)

*only read up until the end of the section titled “Today”; you will read this again later

2. 🍁Canadian Activists on the Impacts and Future of Policing in the Canadian Context (67 mins)

*multimedia; no reading required

3. Optional: Crime Goes Down when Cops Step Back (10 mins)

4. 🍁How Defunding the Police Could Look in Canada (20 mins)

5. Imagining a Future Without Police (45 mins)

6. Optional: Connecting Climate Change and Climate Justice to Police Abolition (12 mins)

7. Reflecting on Where We Go Next (15 mins)

*read entire article again

8. Defund the Police Movements Gaining Political Support (20 mins)

Additional Reading:

*New Content: 4-day Crash Course on Abolition, The Sunrise Movement:

🍁Website: (created by folks at BLM Toronto — explore sub pages for information on the defund movement in Canada)

Online workshop kit and resources:

Free e-Book: The End of Policing, Alex S. Vitale

🍁Paper-back Book: Policing Black Lives, Robyn Maynard (paperback available for $25)
* New Content: This essay contains excerpts and summaries of some of the concepts from Maynard’s book

More Resources List by MPD150:

More on abolition:
Google doc Resource by Ashanté Reese and SA Smythe
Critical Resistance — Abolitionist Toolkit
Extensive Abolition Resources List

Homework for non-Black folks:

Mandatory: Get together with a group of friends (or by yourself) and brainstorm a list of community organizations you can reach out to in any emergency situation that aren’t the police.


Additional actions for folks living in Canada:
This website has been created to help individuals campaign to defund police departments across all major cities in Canada.

Additional action for Toronto (Mississaugas of the Credit, Anishnabeg, Chippewa, Haudenosaunee and Wendat traditional territories)

  • Call to Action: Email Campaign Link

Additional action for Vancouver (unceded lands of Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh Nations)

Additional action for Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Ottawa, and Montreal (collected by @defundvpd on instagram)

  • Call to action: Email Campaign Link

Additional action for Canadian-Americans

Notes: This resource started as a shareable google doc and will be updated as new defund the police campaigns appear in the media.

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