Hate Peas not People

When my kids were little and would get frustrated at some slight, real or perceived: dead batteries in their favorite motorized toy, peas touching their potatoes, tying their laces and instantly it would start: tears, falling to the surface, pure frustration. Words! I would say, use your words.

As I look at the Presidential race, I am at a lost. Its not that I don’t remember my own advice to my then three year olds, I just can’t seem to find the right words myself. Every time, I think this is surely the bottom, I am astounded at a new depth of despair. “Pick yourself off the floor, stop kicking the wall and use your words,” I say to my 52 year old self. But isn’t that what he has done? Used his words to divide and conquer? Used his words to alienate and hate? Used his words to belittle and demean? Used his words to cast blue against red, north against south, east against west? Used his words to silence the rest of us? Here is what I know for sure, when you’re three, words can help you communicate your dilemma. Words alone cannot magically tie laces, words alone cannot mend toys, words alone will not make you eat your peas(unless you, like me, have a mama named Bessie, but that’s another post): but engaging in an action will! Voting on Tuesday, November 8th will. Put your words into action. Say to those that would dismiss you because of race, gender, sexuality, poverty, education, disability, or religion…that I’m with her because America is to great to make me hate. I’m with her…Because if you want to lead the people, you have to love the people. I’m with her because we hold life and death within our tongues, and we the people, for the people, will stand by the people and choose life over death and freedom over fear. #hrc #hillary2016 #i’mwithher

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