Carpe Diem

Willis Tower

82* and no rain in the forecast for the rest of the week.

It’s one of those rare and splendid Summer

days that makes me forget that only four months

ago I was trudging through two feet of soot stained snow,

and fighting bitter arctic winds to get to an interview

at the Board of Trade, where they told me the position

I was applying for only paid $7.50 an hour — barely enough

to pay the rent on that overpriced one bedroom apartment

that Maria talked me into getting in the Fall. But that’s

all in the past: Maria, the apartment, the Board of Trade

all washed away with the spring thaw.

This is the present and I’m alive. There’s nowhere I have to be,

no one expecting me. The day is mine.

And today, as a cool breeze rolls through the man-made

canyon of glass, steel and stone rousing every pore in my body

to enchanted ecstasy, I’m headed north on Clark street,

headed nowhere in particular as the day like an open road

lies spread before me: uncharted and untamed.

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