Photo by Alyssa Kibiloski on Unsplash

Only Pure Evil seeks to destroy...

*Kill, mutilate, dismember Transgender People .
*Burn Women at the stake after labelling them Witches for being intelligent strong and standing up to men .
*Round up 6+ million Jews, Gypsies, Queers, Disabled and work them to death in prisons. 
*Give small pox infected blankets to indigenous tribes, while pitting other tribes against each other so that they kill each other off. 
*Sell millions of people into slavery. 
*Capture people and burn them alive or behead them live on YouTube to show your cahones. 
*Shooting unarmed women and children en masse with machine guns.

There are a million things more Evil than being Queer or Transgender. Stop pretending it's the worst thing imaginable WHEN CLEARLY IT'S NOT !

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