The Importance of Writing — what a Medium first post should be about

I discovered Medium not even a month ago and I already know it’s one of the best discoveries I’ve made in years, along with Pinterest and blogging, of course.

I discovered Medium through a LinkedIn post of a brizilian guy talking about entrepreneuship and I was redirected to this platform. When I saw there were cool posts with titles like “10 habits of successful people” or “what to do to achieve your dreams and never give up” I knew I discovered something worthy of my time. And when I started to see how Medium is a platform for writers and people serious about writing, it became one of my favourite websites.

I’ve been writing all my life for as long as I can remember. It just feels easy to me, to put ideas and thoughts and feelings into words. I started with diaries, lyrics, poems, blogging and then content posts. I can’t go a day without being in front of a laptop and write something about anything. My mind spends hours a day just picturing dialogs between people — I am so into writing that last friday night I arrived home, looked at the empty couch in the living room and decided I would spent the whole night just writing — and that’s my idea of fun!

However, I still don’t know what to do with my passion.

When you tell people you love writing, they say you should write novels or be a journalist. And that’s exactly what I did when I went to college to take my bachelor degree in Journalism. It just makes sense: you love writing stories and journalism is about telling stories so if you love words, letters and reading page after page sucking as much information as you can then you should go work for a newspaper and try to make a difference in the world.

My reality was a bit different though. The European crises affected my country deeply and even before I went to college I knew it was almost impossible to be a journalist and do something in the media market, let alone have a decent paycheck to have a comfortable living. So when I left college I was not sure I wanted to pursue my passion, as I didn’t know what kind of a job you could get based with it. But I continued to write and reading, when I persued a master’s degree. Because I could not live away from books, words, pages, pens, letters. Everything that has to do with the way individuals express themselves through verbal language is fascinating to me.

In the last few months, when I was bitten by the personal development bug, my passion for writing came to stay permanently. I went back to blogging with a more serious tone, I started to read articles that actually made me think about a variety of issues, I put my talents into action and spent hours a week writing and rewriting ideas with the goal to share them with the public so that others may find it interesting.

This happened in March 2015 and I haven’t stopped ever since. To write everyday, to read articles about success, personal development, time management, learning new skills, etc. This new inspiration even made me go back to journalism, as even though I like working at a marketing department, my current professional aspirations is to have job where I can write everyday about whatever I want. I want to work for the art of writing.

Fast forward 12 months and here we are now, with 30 days of experience of reading the most read post and suggestions on Medium every single day and with great interest into writing a first post about something relevant.

The truth is I don’t have much experience in this platform or writing something valuable in English. However, I can say that Medium showed me the importance of writing and writers in the world.

In an age where writers become copywriters, reports become content marketers and novelists become tv show screenplayers, believing you can make a living through writing seems like a a dream only a toddler could ever hope to become truth.

But when I see Medium, I see people like me. I see people who love writing as much as I do. I see people who love to write and write extremely well and they should have recognition for their efforts. I see people who take writing seriously but they also don’t see it as something sacred that only a few brilliants minds can use. I see people that have the guts to publicly express their views and still have time to response to counter arguments in the most polite way. The kind of posts I encouter in Medium makes me believe that writing is for everyone who’s passion about it and there’s room for all of us.

If you believe there should be people who shouldn’t be here writing about what they want because you strongly believe they aren’t truly passionate about writing, then don’t worry. I believe people who don’t want to really write will eventually go and the best ones will stay.

In summary, Medium has showed me that everyone who has a passion for writing can become a writer. Medium has the principel of accepting anyone’s work and makes available to the audience. It’s a modern platform for modern writers who are serious about their works and understand the way they can use internet and social media to market that work.

But the most important lesson I took from this few days in Medium is that writing is not dead and everyone who has a passion for it can bring it to light and create something valuable to the rest of the world. With hard work, practise and effort — with an extra help from this platform and the people who feed it with amazing content everyone — I can make turn my passion in writing into a job, into a career, into a sustainable professional career that hopefully will help me fullfil my wildest dreams.

This is the first post, the first of many more and I hope you’ll join us on this journey.

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