You will miss life by living it

Have you ever heard the quote: “some people live and some people just breath?”, as a way of saying that some people are living life at its fullest potential and others are just passing by?

It’s about this basic idea that some of us are living life, discovering new things, growing and stretching each day and others are missing life by not taking action or making decisions at all. But after Easter Holiday it came to me this idea that maybe we are not missing life.

When I decided I was going away for the weekend to see my recently divorced aunt, my sister told me my other family was in town and there were going to have lunch on Easter Sunday. I wouldn’t be able to be with them because I would be with the other side of the family.

I felt a bit guilty and sad because I couldn’t be with my family but I couldn’t be at two places at the same time, I couldn’t be with both sides of the family that weekend. The idea that I was missing an opportunity to be with my family hit me and it took me back to an experience I had a few months ago.

A few months ago, I took a three week course after working hours, which didn’t allow me to focus on my side hustle as I wanted to. I was away those days, working on the course and so my side project wasn’t fed those days. Those times I felt guilty because I was putting my business on hold while other people were developing and growing with it. While they were having meetings and talking to potential investors, I was four hours discussing coaching and personal development techniques. I wasn’t doing what everyone else was doing and I felt left behind. I was missing the opportunity to grow my business in order to take a course that could or could not benefit my life.

But then I realized that I wasn’t at the business meeting but my business partners weren’t at the class with me. I was missing their experience but they were also missing mine.

Just as I was missing my family lunch to be with family too, you are missing the experience of somebody else and they are missing the experience of not being you. On a Friday night, someone who is at the club is not at home in the couch watching a film with his significant other, nor is he studying for a big test that will define his life nor is he working late hours to provide for his family.

The point is you will miss life by living it. Yes, you will lose opportunities. Yes you won’t be able to do a lot of things. Yes, you will miss a lot of moments. But you will only miss life because you are living something else, somewhere else. The point in life is not to take every opportunity that comes but to take the opportunities that make sense to you, the opportunities that will lead us to our destiny, the opportunities that will makes us grow in becoming the person we want to become.

Living life at its fullest is to understand that you should be doing what you want to do and there are a lot of things you don’t want to do that others want and it’s okay to miss it because those things do not help you to be happy and satisfied with yourself. Admitting to yourself that there are some experiences you will miss that are actually important to you it’s an important step to realize that it’s not about being everywhere everytime but to be at one place, one time, and be focused and present in the moment.

Right now, I am at a caffee finishing this text while I could be at home making dinner or go shopping. I am missing a football game my sister went, I am missing some friend’s birthday party but that’s okay because I made a choice to be here now and right now I feel like I am not missing life — I am actually living it as I am doing what I want.

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