The Sevens.

If you are like me, the first thing that comes to mind is Rugby or the “lucky 7s”. A picture of togetherness and prosperity, that’s exactly the feeling I get, working with these awesome people am yet to introduce to you.

“people holding hands together” by rawpixel on Unsplash

First day (22nd October 2018) and we are all strangers to each other, but that did not last long for we were well acquitted by the next hour of meeting , everyone in my team is really down to earth and easy to talk to. We shared brief backgrounds to our stories in conversation and got to know a bit more of what we were good at and how that drove our universal goal to become world-class developers.

Time to put names to these people:

Probuse Nimukama also known as probuse, I call him “the fire brigade”. As the name suggests he is readily willing to put a fire or two when it comes to blockers. It is not often that you find a stranger happy to you move along with your challenges whilst they are still working on their own share as well. A little support goes a long way.

Kayondo Edward also known as Kayondo Edward too is really great at supporting other’s growth along with his own, he delivers specific resources and checks the progress of team mates as much as he can. Also has notable interpersonal skills. He is one who is easily understood and always ensures to understand other’s perception.

Nabulo Vivian, a seasoned programmer who gave up her day job to pursue her dream of becoming a world class developer that we all share. Vivian has a hunger for knowledge that I believe to be her biggest motivator, it brought her into the Andela Women Tech Leadership program. That’s how we initially met, she had a blocker and we sat down and worked through it. She is genuinely working to greatness.

Kato Douglas, full of life, approaches challenges with a smile. He can make even the most complex problem seem so simple with his calming approach but should not fool you, he strives for excellence with what he takes on.

Lastly, I cannot end this blog without mentioning our dedicated Learning Facilitator Ben Lukyamuzi our steering wheel, guiding us on our journey. Our first encounter set the bar with our relationship. He made an effort to make me and my teammates feel more relaxed around him creating an environment that encourages sincere communication. Besides this, He is knowledgeable and gives brief and concise directions and goes ahead to encourage us to reach out to him with blockers. This has made things a lot smoother for us in our team.

Surely with “The Sevens” with me, we shall triumph.