Underestimating the power of obedience.

Jesus replied, “Very truly I tell you, everyone who sins is a slave to sin.” — John 8:34

“Whoever has my commands and keeps them is the one who loves me. The one who loves me will be loved by my Father, and I too will love them and show myself to them.” John 14:21

We live in a world where everything seems to be relative. Where nothing seems to be wrong. Where we get to feel as if we are “good” because there is at least one person who is behaving “worse” than us and there are many doing the same things we do. It seems as if society could decide what is wrong and what is right, but based on what? Why would anything be wrong if we let God out of the picture?

We have become so good at making up excuses for our sins that we can justify almost everything. The world telling us we are little “gods” and therefore we can do whatever we want. A society that tells us there is no reason to deprive ourselves from any “good thing”. But what is really “good” for us? What are we truly seeking?

For many years I struggled with the idea of there being a God who had left a set of rules thousands of years ago and would call us his “sheep”. I thought I was good because I was not murdering anybody and was almost all of the time trying to become a “better human being”. Nevertheless, I had a feeling of guilt that would hunt me down every corner. It was as if there was something deep in my heart that knew I was not as good as I pretended to be. I knew my inner thoughts and desires. I knew they were not pure at all. I had this selfish ambition which would make me desire things which I could not have. This desire of being better than the rest and having more than what I really needed.

What I didn’t know was that God had written His law in my heart since the beginning — Romans 2:15. My heart knew I was rebelling against my Creator. My heart was not lying, he knew I was not good at all. He knew sins were real. He knew I did not deserve an applause for what I was doing but eternal punishment.

The truth is I did not have a clear point of reference before knowing Christ, who is forever holy and pure. It was like driving with a GPS that had not been well calibrated. I had the feeling I was lost but had no idea of what the right direction was. I was going on circles hoping for the best because I had no clue of where to start looking for the right direction.

By His grace I got to understand that the the only way to calibrate my GPS was by repenting and believing. Repenting from all my sins and believing in Jesus as my Savior. Believing that He came to this earth not because He “felt like it”, but because we need Him to be able to live eternally. Without him we are going on high-speed train non-stop into eternal punishment without even knowing it. We are so convinced that if everyone is doing it it must be alright that don´t manage to realize the holiness of God.

His holiness will never be able to coexist with our wickedness and that is exactly why we need the sacrifice of His one and only son to open the way for us to His Kingdom. If we don´t see our own rebellion and repent from our wicked ways we can and will never be able to see His Glory.

Now I know how good He is, and how lost I am without Him. I got to understand I have always been a sheep. I was a rebellious sheep who thought she was as strong and bright as to go on her own through the wilderness, but I was still a sheep. I was sure I just needed will power and positive thinking to knock off any tiger.

The truth is I am blind and weak, I get tired and I need rest. I need someone to take me to green pastures and rivers of fresh water because I don´t even know what I really need. A blind and weak sheep who needs a shepherd beside her every day. Who can only know the way by hearing her shepherd’s voice. Today I know that by choosing to be obedient to His commands I not only get to have a shepherd but the Good Shepherd who lay down His life for me.

What else can I say, I am so in love with my Shepherd. Ever since He rescued me I have never regretted even one step in obedience. Here is the thing. He does not require from us obedience because He needs us to be obedient. He does not need anything at all. We are the ones who need to be obedient. We have to choose every day who we are going to follow. If we are not following Him we are following someone else. There are many lies in this wilderness but only one way to remain alive.

Obedience to Him opens us the gates to freedom, real freedom. A world full of hidden treasures and glory, His glory. “He is always taking His people to a good place.” — Jim Albright, Uncareful Lives

As has just been said: “Today, if you hear his voice, do not harden your hearts as you did in the rebellion.” Hebrews 3:15