Jenny has 1423 friends on Facebook, 2268 followers on Twitter and 3725 followers on Instagram.

Despite her popularity on the social networks, she is a quiet person in life. She can post “Hey how’s everything going I’ve been missing you a lot!” on a girl-friend’s wall, but usually greets people with only a smile.

One day, she met her friend’s friend, Jason. They three had a wonderful dinner. Jason was also a shy person, but they talked about a lot of things. They made fun of each other, and cheered and laughed. He’s cute. She kinda likes him, so when he friended her on Facebook that night, she was very happy.

As an expert on Facebook, she quickly examined Jason’s wall from Day One. It’s much more informational than the dinner. Now she knows he was born in June 1987 in New Jersey, did computer science at Yale, had (at least) two girlfriends before, and most importantly, he’s single!

She also realized they shared a lot of things in common, with the following facts.

Both of them grew up in the east coast and now work in the west.

75% of the music and movies they liked are the same.

They both like photography.

They both post a lot of photos of the sky, trees and rivers.

They both like using emojis in comments and replies.

They both went to the Katy Perry concert last year.

They had 23 friends in common.


There are a lot.

Jen started liking him more.

Maybe he’s the one. Although we didn’t talk that much, I have the feelings that we are bonded.

She started to visit his page every day.

There’s a feeling that he’s already a part of her life. He’s influencing her when they don’t even meet. He’s talking with her when they don’t even text.

And she knows everything in his life. He went to a steak place for lunch last Thursday. He was in a mutual friend’s party last Friday. He’s going to a night market this weekend? She also wants to go…

And she posts a lot of stuff to his interests. And he “likes” them.

It was fun at the beginning.

But now, when a month has passed, and when they still haven’t met, Jenny started feeling…empty.

She still checks his page everyday. He was in Orlando last week and there was a cute girl in the pictures he uploaded. Who is she?… He became friends with a couple of new girls yesterday. How did they meet?… His comments on friends’ posts are really funny, but why he never commented on mine…

What if he never liked her. What if all the feelings are only in her mind. What if she is just tracking a random person’s life. What if everything she did is just ridiculous.

She really wants to talk to him, but then she realized… this person that she has “communicated” with for a month. She doesn’t even have his number.

Maybe it’s time to give this crush an ending. She opened Messager. This is the only “official” contact of him that she has.

“Hi Jason, hope you are doing well. Just wanna let you know… that I had a crush on you.”

Romantic ending:

After 5 minutes….

“I…had the same feeling on you. Sorry I was too shy to reach out.”

After 10 minutes…

“Hey Jenny, can I still have your number?”

The other ending:

After a day…

“Thank you…”

After a while…

“Sorry…but how did we meet?”