Extra in size…would you let it matter?

Most of the time I ignore topics such as this, not because I am affected but it’s another way of not letting them affect me. Size, so they matter? Yes, they do. When you buy clothes, or you ride in any kind of transportation. And much more but It should stop there, do’t to let it go further and let the negativity in you. It only matters if you let it.

Yes, negativity. That’s the real reason why I opted to write my side of the fat word. I came across this topic on the net about a girl who had a bad memories due to reason that she is fat. The topic is good, really. But what really caught my attention is the way she looked down at herself because of how she looks like, or how others look at her. Oh c’mon, I bet you’ll say and I’m not saying that I never had those experiences growing on the extra large scale of the population. A big NO!

I had my fair share of those bad, nega thing from other people. They made fun of you, as fat ones are handy for a joke. Or the bold stares when you ride a passenger vehicle (they even have that somehow subtle way of letting you hear that you should be paying an extra fare). Or the ones that stares at you letting you feel uncomfortable with all the extra curves showing in your dress. I have more on the list, but they never let me feel down nor much to think myself lesser than they are. No way!

I’m not a couch potato. I am a food lover but I choose what I eat, I exercise and watch my weight while growing. Well, it did not change me at all. I’m still bigger than the usual average women at my size. So what do I do, do I need to buy all these slimming teas and coffees everywhere? Or should I simply refuse to eat and put on a hunger strike mode?

If ever I did, which I did by the way, when I stopped I go back to where I am and much bigger than before. So instead of going against it, I go with the flow. Though I watch what I eat, but I when I need to I eat. I don’t crave myself, if I want something I give it a couple spoonful just to satisfy the craving. ( A spoonful I said, not a large size!) I became comfortable with myself and I learned to love my body.

I have all the extra curves everywhere. So, I have this body and it’s a gift. It’s just depends on how you take it. And there is one thing that I always tell myself, I am beautiful, well with the extra curves then extra beautiful!

So whenever I am attending an event and people (well, most of the time those who stares are those who are trying so hard to be noticed) stares at you when you walk in not even trying to hide the fact that they are staring at you. Putting into note that they stare not because you look awesome but because you are big no matter what clothes you wear and . And what do I do in return? I held my chin up and smile my sweetest smile, walks in like a model of my own creation, swaying to the beat in my mind. That really makes my day, or night haha! One thing that kept me up, is I am confident of my body, how it looks and how my extra curve fill up my clothes. I liked it, if they are not comfortable with that so what? Just remember, don’t wear small when your size is XL. :)

It depends on how you carry yourself and express yourself to people around you. Convince yourself first before you can convince others. They can make you feel uneasy if you are uneasy yourself. Embrace yourself. No one can make you feel beautiful but you alone. It’s not the dress, the things nor the body that can make you feel beautiful but you on your own.

We can’t change how other people reacts or their opinions of us. But you know what you can do for it to change, simple. Be yourself, accept it and be confident.

Whatever their opinion of me doesn’t affects the way I feel for myself. How? Simple, I am confident for I am beautiful. Well, that’s my opinion if they are not comfortable with that, that is their problem.

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