My confusion is that all of these tests which he purports Hillary failed to meet which henceforth…
Anthony Boutros

Hi Anthony. Not sure if you’re still addressing the original point about sexism — knowing that would be helpful.

Regarding Obama and Kerry…it sounds like you’re thinking about this as if Bernie has this checklist of what qualifies someone, and has always had the same checklist, and is now applying it to a woman where in the past he didn’t apply it to a man. I’m sure he’s had these values consistently, but we can’t really compare these different situations like that, and I’m not aware of a clear reason to think Bernie used the same criteria he outlined in that video when deciding whether or not to endorse any candidates in the past.

So, Kerry and Obama. A quick google search didn’t give me dates for when he endorsed them, but was it in a primary or the general? Either way, in politics you’re often picking the less bad choice — consider Lindsey Graham’s current endorsement of Ted Cruz. Graham hates Cruz — he hasn’t been shy about saying it — but he sees him as the lesser of two evils. So an endorsement of a candidate doesn’t necessarily mean you think that candidate is ‘qualified to be president’. Bernie himself also wasn’t involved in those races, making those endorsements pretty much irrelevant to this conversation. Also consider how much of Bernie’s current platform is based around the financial crisis…Kerry’s run came before that happened, so we certainly can’t do an apples to apples comparison with Kerry and Hillary, same with Obama for the other reasons I outlined. Also, neither Kerry nor Obama (to my knowledge) had just made comments about Bernie.

Regarding the ‘artful smear’ part of your comment. It was pretty embarrassing that Bernie couldn’t come up with an example..especially when at least one is quite well known. But if anything, that just reinforces my point…this isn’t about sexism, or who is or isn’t qualified, or anything else. This is about Bernie thinking he’s going to lose a primary and saying whatever he can to get a foothold in the race. (Just to clarify, I’m not a Bernie supporter…I just think it’s odd for anyone to think that sexism plays any part in what’s happening here.)

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