It’s Time for Bernie Sanders to Apologize to his Supporters, and to President Obama
Sasha Stone

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There is nothing exotic about claims regarding neoliberalism fanning the flames of right-wing extremism.

I spent half my life, in what you probably view as fly-over America, and have seen first hand, the economic effects of neoliberalism, and the way they resonate in social and political culture.

There are children in old mill towns, and factory towns in this country, who walk to school in the snow, wearing sneakers that are more duct tape than shoe, without breakfast, and Clinton ‘Democrats’ expect their parents to be satisfied with gay wedding-cake frosting for two yuppies in Denver, as a sign of progress. Let them eat cake?

While I won’t be voting for him, at least Trump expresses concern for their despair, while it’s the Clintons who are widely, and wisely, seen as the culprits behind their misfortune.

So, one can smugly write off Trumps campaign as what happens when rubes who take Rush Limbaugh seriously, get their own cable network,but there’s a reason they were listening to Rush in the first place, and ‘liberals’ ignore these realities at their peril.

We’ve seen armed stand-offs between citizens of various affiliations (mostly on the right), and law enforcement and government agency staff, and not just in Nevada and Oregon, though these are the most widely publicized conflicts.

When people are hungry; when they despair, bad ideas become reasonable in their minds, and it’s not always easy to predict where things are headed when violence becomes a part of the equation. To the left, like the first Iranians revolution? Or to the right, like the second revolution, after we reinstalled the same brutal monarch?

Again, there’s nothing exotic about suggesting the Clinton’s role in all of this widespread discontent.

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Democrats Search For Pansexual Candidates To Intensify Illusion Of Progress

WASHINGTON DC- Banking executive Barney Frank announced today that the Democratic Party will ramp up its efforts to appear inclusive on any issue that doesn’t directly impact the financial interests of the affluent Eisenhower Republicans who own it.

Frank, along with insurance lobbyist Howard Dean and fracking payrollee Ed Rendell, pledged to energize the party by finding corporatists from “Asexual to Zucchini“ who will uphold the neoliberal tradition of erring on the side of money. The news comes in the wake of AP and Rachel Maddow calling the general election for Hillary Clinton earlier this morning.

Superdelegates welcomed the early call for Clinton and expressed excitement at being able to now say “Madame President” when droning Muslim children or revisiting Simpson/Bowles. Barbara Boxer, though unable to move her facial muscles, claimed to be euphoric.

For his part Bill Clinton pledged to grab power with both hands and use it to strangle the last breaths from FDR’s legacy. An aide later clarified the former president’s remarks as meaning that he was just so happy for his wife who did it all by herself. Plans have not been finalized as to where his current mistress will live.

In other news, many still wish that a girl could grow up knowing she could become President by believing in things.

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