Michael Tracey.
John Henry Brebbia

1> Was it the Russians? Or someone else (who might have been acting on their behalf, or totally independent of them)?

2> The RNC was also subject to hacking attempt(s), but those attempts were repelled. Was the Trump campaign having itself hacked? The DNC made the news only because they were successful, and exposed their cheating of Sanders (and the media is covering for them).

3> Where is the outrage about the Obama administration attempting to influence elections in Israel … and Russia?

4> What Russian collusion with Trump? Trump (unlike Obama) is willing to sell the Poles missile-defense systems, and is calling for expansion of energy exports to Poland (and the rest of Europe) … Putin opposes the former, and the latter diminishes his ability to pull Europe’s chain via cutting off deliveries from Gazpom. Trump’s actions are hardly the actions of a co-conspirator.

5> I remember scratching my head a little when Reagan and Gorbachev became friendlier, not that long after Reagan declared the USSR an “evil empire”. Was Reagan in Gorby’s pocket … or did he realize that you can be more cordial and peaceful with your adversaries, while still assuring that their tyranny will not be allowed to prevail?

6> Thanks to the precedent set by Democrats circling-the-wagons around Bill Clinton two decades ago, the only way Trump is leaving office before 20 January 2021 is if he is recorded on video drinking puppy smoothies (and even that is not certain, #Obamaeatsdogs after all).

But here is what it comes down to, for millions of us: either we have leadership that seeks to lord it over us and continue our slide into decline, or we have Trump.

If our wannabe lords want Trump gone, they need to cease their attempts to run our lives, and embrace the intellectual honesty to realize that those attempts make them a more clear-and-present threat to our rights than the Russians.

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