Pomodoro Technique

It is a very powerful technique to make you more efficient in a work. It helps in very effective time management. I was introduced to this technique in two months ago in my internship at Go-jek by my mentor. I tried it and realised the huge difference in the output.

In this technique one uses a timer to break down work into short intervals, traditionally 25 minutes in length, separated by very short breaks(say around 5 minutes). And these intervals are called pomodoros. Each pomodoro session demand for the full attention on one task(no mobile phones, no chit-chat in between). Every breaks require you to get away from that work to rest.

This method is also used in pair programming while switching from/to keyboard. We can also say that this is some what related to concepts such of time-boxing and incremental development used in software design. This technique helps in being calm, cool, free of stress and more productive.

For me it is very helpful because I used to get distracted from phone, songs etc while working, and hence it takes too much time to finish even a small work. In this technique you use to plan the todo list for each pomodoro session which is also helps in better timeline of the project. The breaks are very necessary because continuous work may slow your thinking process due to stress and some headache. Currently I am going through a bootcamp which is conducted by our company Go-jek, it starts from 10 and end at 7, we strictly follow pomodoro technique which helps use to keep focus during entire session.

For those who want to start it there are some step which will help you in pomodoro are:

  1. Plan: Take 5 minutes to plan out for the day. What tasks will you work on and how many sessions do they require? be realistic for being more productive.

2. Focus: Shut down the email, social media, put the phone on do not disturb, ask colleagues to come back later. Managing distraction is vital to productivity.


3.Work: Pick the first task, hit play and focus. 25 minute sessions are the recommended length. There should not be any pause button.

Short Break

4. Short Break: Step away from your desk, five minutes is the recommended break length. Clear your mind of the task you have just been working on, stretch your legs or grab a refreshment.


5. Repeat: Move to point number 2 again. A round of pomodoros is generally 4 sessions.

Long Break

6. Long break: After four pomodoro sessions take a longer break, 20 minutes is recommended. Make sure you step away from your desk, get some food or a drink and clear your mind.

A lot of apps are available on app store, you can use it for the Pomodoro Practice.

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