Do you know what’s actually hard??

All these years I have always wondered what’s:

  • Actually so hard to achieve.
  • Actually so hard that very few people are able to achieve it.
  • Actually so hard that only a few have achieved it and successful.

One thing that is quintessential to mention social media is tricking us to make believe that it’s really easy. Looking at the motivational quotes, yes you feel damn energetic but sorry to say that the real life story is completely different.

All of these are like having Red Bull. Yes, you feel the heat, get energetic but after a while you are back to that previous state only where you suck at.

Needless to say, the effect is temporary and moreover shouldn’t take it as granted.

Following are the things that are actually hard to pursue:

1. Focusing is hard.
2. Consistency is hard.
3. Being honest is hard.
4. Not giving up is hard.
5. Staying low key is hard.
6. Being optimistic is hard.
7. Keeping patience is hard.
8. Staying motivated is hard.
9. Continuous hustling is hard.
10. Putting in extra effort is hard.
11. Focusing and behaving dumb is hard.
12. Giving away with any expectations is hard.
13. Giving away when you badly needed is hard.
14. Making decisions better than average is hard.
15. Staying cool and calm at every tough time is hard.

“In total what we can conclude that continuous evaluation of a process is hard”.

When we are motivated we quickly jump into the endeavor to pursue it but with the passage of time we lose motivation, we lose attention which ultimately leads to losing in focus.

Also, I wouldn’t be wrong if I say that we are surrounded by multiple things around us and even if we fail in one thing we are likely to choose other option.

We are so good at predicting that even before we try and start protecting the outcomes, calculating the failure rates and eventually we don’t even give a try. — Do we?

But isn’t it is meant to be worth trying more than once?

There’s is no term called the overnight success — Tweet this

It’s all a myth that suddenly you will be struck by an idea, you will implement it, people will love it and buy it and you will become successful. Sounds very easy. Right?

But the reality is totally different.

Books like Outliers have successfully explained what it takes to be successful. Grab it and learn how some of the greatest people out there have ever achieved what they wanted in their life.

It’s way better to learn about the secrets and most importantly the mistakes to avoid, which makes your journey a little less complicated and pretty mucn smooth.

Even if is meant to be hard it is worth striving for because great things come the hard way.

Thank you for taking time to read this post.

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