10 Recommended Android Application Frameworks For App Development

It is very hard for Android developers to choose a development framework to accomplish their job. This is not because they are in limited number, but there are a large number of frameworks out there that support Android application development. Hence, to figure out which one will fulfills all requirements in the best possible way is quite challenging for Android app development companies.

Application development company always concentrate on building unique application rather than just writing a code for the app. In order to design responsive application, company requires expert mobile application developers.

Hiring prolific app developers can strengthen the productivity and quality of services. Suitable service providers can help a company to get best app developers to accomplish their project needs. But, there is another one important thing that every app development company needs to implement- an ideal application framework.

Because a reliable application framework can facilitate developers to take the mobile application from one level to another. Most of the times, the application framework is considered as just a part of development process. But, it plays a vital role in the success of a mobile application.

Android platform along with proficient application framework offers developers a great flexibility. There are several proficient frameworks that will help to boost up the Android application development. Following are some well-known frameworks let’s have look on them.

jQuery Mobile

jQuery Mobile is a touch-optimized mobile framework. This framework is more specifically a JavaScript library and currently being developed by the jQuery project team. jQuery mobile is highly compatible with major desktop browsers as well as mobile platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows etc.

jQuery mobile supports HTML5 with which developers can write a variety of code with ease. It offers flexible results and ensures that application will run seamlessly on any device.

It also provides theming functionality which offers the creation of custom themes for the mobile applications. Touch- optimized UI widgets add some extra value to the jQuery Mobile’s features.

Developers can download stable version or custom version of jQuery application framework. With a custom version, developers can download the packages on the basis of the development requirements.

Appcelerator Titanium

Appcelerator Titanium is an open source application framework with which developers can create iOS, Android and Windows application from a single JavaScript codebase. Apache-licensed SDK is the core component of this framework.

Native UI components of application such as navigation bars, menu, dialogue boxes are accessed through the cross-platform APIs. This framework also offers automation mobile testing and hence company do not need to invest money and valuable time for manual testing.


Instead of relying on platform-specific APIs like in Android, iOS and Windows phone, it allows developers to build the application with CSS3 and HTML5 and JavaScript. Depending on the device platform, PhoneGap automatically wraps CSS, HTML and JavaScript code.

The mobile application developed with this are hybrid in nature. That is apps are neither truly native app nor purely web-based. Hence PhoneGap is a viable choice for mobile application development. It allows tracking changes in the application while coding it.


Many Android app development companies use TheAppBuilder application framework because of its security. TheAppBuilder is basically used for the development of enterprise-based applications. The enterprise apps designed with this are fully private and secure.

It uses HTML5 framework and offers a codeless interface for application development process. It also offers end-to-end data encryption and access control to the business data. The biggest advantage of this framework is, it directly publishes the Android app in Play Store.

Corona SDK

Corona SDK makes a vital choice for trainee application developers. It helps developers to quickly develop the application and complete the project within the limited time period.

Audio and graphics support is the major feature of this application framework. It allows developers to create 2D games and applications for smartphones, tvOS and Android TV, and laptops/desktops. It uses integrated Lua layer of C++ and OpenGL to build graphic applications. It offers reusability of code on various operating systems such as Android, iOS, Windows etc.

The mobile application development domain is evolving at a great speed in the market. Hence, it is advisable to top mobile app developers to work carefully and patiently with app development process. Implementing a valid application framework will lead the company towards massive success. Robust application frameworks give freedom to developers to create smart apps right from the start of a development process.

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