4 Resources to Learn iOS App Development

No matter what you may think, it seriously isn’t rocket science to develop an iOS application which would successfully run on the iPhone, iPad and all the other Apple devices. For the iPhone app developers who already possess a fair amount of computer programming and development experience, will find it easy to pick up, but surprisingly for the ones who don’t know a think about programming and have never ventured into writing a simple script or application can also bring good results to the table.

However, we all still need that little bit of help when it comes to iOS app development don’t we? There are numerous websites, tutorials and guides to assist you to develop an iOS app minus a single line of code at all! These tools and websites are pretty good no doubt, but nothing beats the experience of sitting down and learning how to code and turn your app ideas into stunning reality.
So before you start writing your first app, take a look at these resources authored by Apple which will put you on the right track of iPhone application development. 
1) iOS Application Development Guide:

For all the iPhone app developers and novices too, if you are looking at a step-by-step intro to the basic fundamentals and principles of iPhone application development or overall iOS app development, this is the best guide you can get your hands on as it is packed with links to a whole lot of informative tutorials too. Before you begin to code or design your app, the iOS application development guide provides you a comprehensive overview of what the process comprises of, right from the software and tools you will require, to an overview and discussions on human interface design and the App Store submission guidelines. The perfect guide to start off with for both — the advanced iOS app developer as well as the novice mobile app developer.

2) iOS Human Interface Guidelines:

Before you start developing your iOS application, keep in mind you are developing these apps for your users and it is extremely important to consider how they are going to interact with your apps. Any experienced iPhone app developers is aware of the fact that the success of the app highly depends upon the user experience of the app which ultimately indicates its success. Design is not just about adding a dash of color and crazy-looking menus. Hence, it is important to have a keen eye for detail and follow Apple’s Human Interface guidelines which stand for simplicity and designing apps that connect instantly with users. For developers and designers alike, this guide is a must-read.

3) Apple Development Videos:

There are a million tutorials out there on the internet available for free and priced as well, but not everyone is an avid learner as they believe in seeing is learning. If you belong to the category who doesn’t like to read much and grasp more on iOS app development, then you must know that the best collections on video tutorials can be found right on the Apple website itself.
The Apple website is split into various sections for Safari, Mac OS X, iOS and a whole dedicated section exclusively for the World Wide Developers Conference(WWDC) — on a yearly basis at least a hundred videos are posted within this section, but the requirement to gain access to these videos are you simply have to register (for free) and then you can watch and learn at your own pace.

4) Ray Wenderlich:

This website is updated on a regular basis and is packed with many informative tutorials such as how to create your very first iOS application, design guidelines and so much more. Ray Wenderlich tutorials contains all the aspects of iOS app development such as the basics, getting started, handling horizontal and vertical layouts and also dealing with controls such as images, text fields, buttons and images. You can also browse through other resources on the website including discussion forums and other tutorials which cover topics such as 2D and 3D graphics, animation, UX/UI Design and the process of utilizing in-app purchases.

From the above tutorials, you will not only get a hang of iOS app development but you will also be able to successfully develop your app and submit it to the App Store. Good luck!