Factors To Be Considered For Uber Like App Development Cost

Evolution of taxi booking app has brought a drastic change in the taxi industry. Startups and entrepreneurs are launching the taxi business by introducing taxi applications. The taxi app ensures benefits for both the drivers and passengers by introducing various features and some additional services to ensure better and improved user experience.

Most of the taxi businesses are hiring mobile app developers and app development companies for developing the taxi booking app and companies are also using Uber clone script for application development like Uber. Taxi businesses and startups are following Uber like app business model to provide maximum benefits to both the drivers and the passengers.

The Uber like app development cost depends on various factors. Taxi business needs to have the estimation of the entire cost through proper research before development. The taxi business or the startup should have clear idea of all the essential factors in the development of the taxi booking app and also the cost of maintenance of the application.

Taxi booking app like Uber serves all the needs of the customers i.e. the regular, and the emergency traveling needs of all the passengers. Hence, if the taxi business is developing Uber like app, then it needs to consider all the factors and situation from user and driver perspective. The integration of the latest technology and functions in the taxi booking app also forms the major part of the cost of developing an app.

The estimation of the cost includes all the aspects like the resources, features for both passengers, platform to be used for app development like Android, iOS, etc.

Cost Of The Resources

The professionals involved and the time frame for the development of the taxi booking application forms the major part of the cost. The taxi business can hire top app developers or the company to develop the app, however, the cost varies depending on the experience. Experienced developers and companies can help the taxi business in developing better application with the minimum time period.

The time frame plays the major role in cost of the app. The time required for developing taxi booking app with basic features is usually less compared to the time required in developing complex and advanced application. The time required in developing the app also depends on the work being done by the professionals and the resources available to complete the task.

Including Features For Passengers

The features to be included for the passengers include various actions to be taken to make successful taxi booking process.

  • Easy registration process
  • The simple process of searching and selecting the car with required facilities.
  • Booking the taxi and option to choose the time.
  • Real-time tracking to locate the location of the driver.
  • Confirmation of the booking and providing estimated fare.
  • Providing various routes and direction to help passengers have hassle-free ride
  • Automated fare calculation and cashless payment option on completing the ride.

The features should be such that the passengers can carry out the activities with ease, right from booking till the payment being made on reaching the destination.

Including Features For Drivers

The taxi business also needs to include various features for drivers as well. The features for drivers should be such that the drivers can use the application easily. Below are some of the features for taxi booking app for drivers.

  • Simple registration process including all the necessary details of the driver, like, car number, registration of the vehicle, police verification, etc.
  • The option to accept and decline the cab request should be provided to the driver.
  • Real-time tracking and easy navigation helps the driver to get passenger’s pickup location and drop the passenger to the destination on time.
  • Riding history is useful for the drivers to see the number of rides provided in a day, month or year. And help drivers to get correct idea on the payment depending on the rides provided.

Additional Expenses

Businesses should not forget the project management, DevOps, and quality assurance while building an application. They can book additional time for those too like 10% for project management, 15% for quality assurance and 5% for DevOps.


Now the question is what would be the actual Uber like app solution cost is? Before calculating the total cost, it is necessary to have some information about the rates of some app development companies. According to statista, the portal for statistics, the average rates for the mobile app development in the UK, USA, India and Europe are the following:

In North America it is $60–250 per hour;

In United Kingdom it is $60–150 per hour;

In Western Europe it is$40–120 per hour;

In Eastern Europe it is $20–100 per hour;

And in India it is $10–80 per hour.


For building a taxi booking application, an MVP Uber estimated cost is between $20 000-$30 000 or the budget can increase up to $45,000+. The overall cost of the taxi app development depends on the company’s hourly rate and unique requirements. Above all these things, ambition for the business and how seriously they plan to work on their idea matters the most.