Features To Look For While Opting For a Mobile App Development Company

Making choices while looking for a mobile app development platform is not a menial task. Opting for the one that satisfies the organization’s needs is very important for the company. There are various factors that a company has to keep in mind like whether they want a cloud or on-premises offering.

In a mobile app development platform (MADP), developers analyze (or should analyze) what applications they are going to design, what mobile environments they want to target and how will they customize the application. So, when you hire a mobile app developer, consider the following features-

Platform features

The key feature that you should be looking for that whether the MADP can provide the requirements that you wish to have. The developers should be capable enough to design, test, deploy, debug, host and maintain apps throughout the entire app development process. The best MADP is one that is intuitive, easily understood and process approvals. Moreover, MADPs should have back-end services and give push notifications, data storage and authentication. In fact, top mobile app developers provide APIs that integrate with third party apps. And lastly, app store deployments, data synchronization and access control are very crucial factors while looking for an efficient MADP.

OS support

The developers should determine the operating systems where they plan to deploy their apps. Although majority of mobiles run on Google Android but the enterprises favor Apple iOS with Windows and Blackberry being least favored. As said, mobile app development platforms support both Android and iOS development and Windows to a lesser degree. The number of MADP options would decrease if the development companies build more apps for both Blackberry and Windows.

Cross-platform development

The most efficient MADP develops apps for cross platforms. Now, what is cross-platform development?

Cross-platform mobile app development enables usage of mobile apps on multiple platforms or native platforms. Also, cross-platform development builds hybrid apps that run on the same OSes. In a cross-development platform, the developer creates a single codebase from which the generation of cross-platform tools and codes automatically take place.

App Variety

While you look for a mobile app development company, see that the developers are capable enough to build three types of apps, viz.,

  • Native
  • Web
  • Hybrid

Native apps are believed to give the best mobile app performance. This is so because a native app makes full advantages of inbuilt features and doesn’t have much access limitations. The only drawback with native apps is that it is costly in terms of resources and time as the developers implement an individual app for each target platform. So in such cases, organizations opt for web-based approach for certain applications that serve noncritical needs.

Web apps mostly rely on client-side technologies like HTML, JavaScript, etc. for the delivery of apps through mobile device browsers. In this way, developers write one single code and create a single app that the users can access from any device.

Now, although web-based apps get easily implemented, the performance varies and is comparatively lower than native apps. They cannot enjoy device’s features, unlike native apps. As a result, some organizations choose the hybrid route that is somewhere between both native and web-based. In fact, its features are like both web-based and native apps.

Many organizations have different requirements and thus, they choose different mobile app development platforms that support multiple purposes. There are also cases where an organization might want to build all three types of apps along with cross-platform apps. Many MADPs provide a good combination of approaches, but not all three types at once. The MADPs decide and prioritize depending on the requirement by the organizations.

There are many other features you must look for like, deployment and coding skills, but it is essential that you opt for a top app development company that fulfills your requirements and necessities for your business’s app.

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