How Does Uber Score Over the Traditional Taxis?

There have been many reports of safety threats faced by passengers in the hand of Uber drivers. The offences range from assault to sexual abuse, rape and murder. Recently an Uber driver was involved in a shooting spree in Michigan.

Other cases have been reported from different states in the US and also from other countries like India. This has raised a serious debate over the safety of Uber clone app versus a normal taxi. Let us gauge the safety parameters related to both service and try to arrive at a conclusion.

National Crime Reports

Falling back on statistics is the best way to establish a fact. But unfortunately law agencies do not have the system to differentiate crimes according to their location or circumstances. For example, you may be able to look up the number of rape cases, but you won’t be able to find how many of them are committed by taxi drivers.

Also, a crime may have happened in the cab or in the parking lot; but there is no way to trace that. As a result, we cannot depend on statistics to draw a conclusion.

Screening Test

Aspiring drivers of any taxi service has to go through a background check which includes going through his past criminal records, driving offences, etc. Traditional taxi services are required to undertake the fingerprint test which provides a snapshot of complete criminal history of an individual.

Uber requires its would-be drivers to go through a screening process which checks their criminal and driving records for past seven years. It has been debated that this system does not stop individuals joining Uber who had committed a crime more than a decade ago.

It would indeed be unnerving to ride with a convicted rapist alone in a vehicle. Some places like New York and Houston have brought Uber drivers under the fingerprint test. Maybe we would see a similar trend in other areas soon.

Driver Information

Many crimes go unreported or cannot be followed up because of lack of driver information. Many times passengers do not note the number of the vehicle. If something happens, they may not be able to pinpoint the driver. The taxi company may be able to help, but it may not be an easy process.

Uber, on the other hand, stores all driver and vehicle information. Passengers can access driver name, contact number, vehicle number and exact route of travel through their app. A driver can always be traced when the need arises.

Driver Feedback

Ride booking services like Uber have the option of leaving feedback on drivers built in the app. Passengers can also rate drivers on the experience of the ride. This makes it easy to weed out drivers with inappropriate behavior or who are rude to their customers.

Timely feedback and action may prevent a future crime to be carried out. In the case of traditional taxi fleet, the passenger can call the customer center to report a grievance. But for initiating legal action, the police is the only choice.

Reported Incidents

Both Uber and traditional taxi services have been charged with offenses carried out by their drivers. A website maintained by a critic taxi agency of ridesharing services has their own statistics. It claims to have details of over 100 cases of assault and other incidents committed by Uber drivers. But these are anecdotes and cannot be used as real evidence.

A report published by the state of Austin, Texas gives the following numbers Uber drivers have been alleged with 13 cases of sexual assaults and 1 rape while taxi drivers were involved in 5.

There was a weeklong attack against women by taxi drivers in Washington in 2012. There have been other cases too spread over the US and the world.


Both companies employ drivers who are human. As humans, anyone can commit a crime at any point of time and cannot be predicted. It is best to have a proper system in place which can prevent the entry of convicts and criminals in the transport industry.

Be it Uber or a normal taxi, one should adopt a few safety measures to keep themselves protected. This involves checking the number of your vehicle, and notifying friends if you are returning late alone.

Getting Your Own Taxi Software Free

If you’re running your own taxi business, it may be time to invest in a taxi dispatch software like Uber. It would help you gain more customers and you wouldn’t have to worry about customer engagement. A taxi dispatch app can help do it all for you. It’s a one-time investment, so you really have nothing much to worry about.