Must-Have Features While Building Uber-Like Taxi Booking App?

The mobile app development innovation has increased the use of smartphones all over the world. Taxi app solution offers a more convenient way to book a ride for the users and to provide a hassle-free ride. Taxi applications like Uber are changing the way service is provided by the traditional taxi business. These apps are developed by the mobile app development company or the app developer and being built on popular platforms like iOS and Android using the Uber-like taxi app development. These apps are available free of cost to the customers.

Taxi booking app is developed for three important users of the app i.e. owner or admin, taxi driver and the passenger. The app is developed and the features are added keeping in mind the requirements of all the users of the taxi booking app.

The company can choose to build their own taxi booking app using some taxi booking software or with the help of Uber clone script, including all the essential and basic features and developing Uber-like app solution. Mobile applications have introduced the whole new way how technology can use the features such as GPS, mobile payment options, push notifications.

Below are a few features that are important for taxi service providers

  • As soon as the customer book a taxi. They should get a booking confirmation message with the necessary details of the driver.
  • Taxi booking app should provide an option to schedule a ride. Once the passenger books a taxi, taxi company needs to makes sure the taxi driver reaches the passenger on time.
  • Verification of the drivers needs to be done by the taxi service provider. Taxi business should include security features in an app that encourage customers to book a taxi using the mobile application.
  • Automated fare calculation should be included in a taxi booking app to help the passengers get the right fare for the distance traveled and multiple payment options to ease the payment process and facilitate cashless ride.
  • The taxi business can also provide additional benefits along with the basic features to attract more customers to use taxi app solution. The additional services can include free WiFi, charging ports in the car, etc.

Developing Uber like taxi app developers involves the building of two slightly different apps with a significant taxi app source code, including one for the passenger or customers and another for the taxi drivers. Both the apps are connected to the owner to help the owner manage and keep the control on activities of both driver and passengers.

Essential Features For Passenger App

  • Login and Register page: the customer should be offered the option to register through the existing social media account and email account.
  • User interface for booking: A user interface should be simple to use and the customer should find it easy to put the required details and book a ride
  • Fare calculator should provide the estimated cost of the ride before the passenger confirms the booking.
  • Push notification to provide the user with necessary information about the ride once the passenger has booked a cab. For example, taxi number, driver details, and contact number, etc.
  • Automated fare calculation for passenger and driver to provide the total fare based on the distance traveled, this creates transparency and helps to build trust
  • Easy payment option to make cashless payment using payment gateways or online wallets.
  • Driver rating and reviews: the passenger should be given an option to rate the driver, the trip, and the vehicle.
  • Ride history: this will help the passengers to view past rides and allow them to re-book the same ride with just one click.

Essential Features For Taxi Drivers

  • Driver profile and status: Driver registration process should include all the important details such as driver’s license, taxi or car number, vehicle registration, etc.
  • Alert or push notification: push notification or alert messages provide drivers with the information on new booking request. The taxi booking app should also have an option to accept or reject the booking request.
  • Integration of GPS and maps to track the location of the customer and to navigate the best route to the passenger’s desired destination.
  • Ride History to offer a quick glance on trip completed in a day, month or year, earnings, and payroll.

Additional Features That Can Be Included

  • Split the bill — Taxi application development like Uber can include this option of sharing the ride costs with friends.
  • Request my favorite driver– this option can help the passengers to book their favorite driver. This helps in creating trust and offer a comfortable ride.
  • Voice commands — this feature in an app allows the user to book a taxi using their voice commands without a need to tap on the app to book a ride.
  • The Waitlist option allows the user to add them to the waiting list, this eliminates the need to refresh the app and alerts the passenger as soon as the ride or taxi is available.
  • With the integration of VoIP, free in-app calls can be made by the customer to the driver and driver can call the passenger.

To build the taxi app solution, taxi businesses need to include all the essential and basic features and significant taxi app source code to provide the customers hassle-free and comfortable ride.