Tips to Make Your App Ready, Not That Parse Will Cease to Exist

In the programming world, it is said disruptions are good because they encourage creativity and prevent the status quo from becoming stagnant. But there are certain changes and disruptions that are more difficult than others. Saying a goodbye to Parse definitely falls under one of the more difficult ones.

Parse announced its departure, saying it would be available only till January 28, 2017. Parse has provided a certain stability that no other rival has been able to provide and thus it became the preferred service for most developers.

What Should You Do Now?

Parse has made an irreplaceable contribution to the development of mobile web. The reason why Parse hosting has been so popular is because of the database services it provides plus an API that had everything good going for it. The lack of side server coding made it very attractive too, and attracted anyone who wanted to make a sophisticated looking app.

The Problems You May Have to Deal With and the Solutions

So, how do you ensure that you’re making the right moves, especially since that Parse will not exist anymore? Here is a look at the top things you need to do now:

Getting the right in-house team together — It is important to get the right professionals who can help in this transition. The challenge is to have this team together and running, all before 2017. Thousands of developers who have relied on Parse are now hunting for alternatives that are feasible, but an in-house team is a resource that most of them don’t already have.

Cost –Even if you do manage to find a team that ticks every box, the cost remains a major factor because such a team will not be cheap at all. This cost will have to be factored in as a major expense.

User Experience — The user experience is of the utmost importance to any developer. There is a chance that there might be some sort of hitch or interruption during the Parse migration. Such an interruption will contribute to a bad user experience, even if it I only temporary in nature.

Making sure your app is ready

Although there is little time left, you can still make sure that your app is ready for this big change. Parse has confirmed that their backend tools will be available till January, so make full use of that.

Additionally, Parse has attempted to make this transition easier for developers by introducing a Parse Server and a Database Migration Tool. The server is open source and allows you to serve the API you have become so accustomed to using to an infrastructure of your choice, the only covenant being that it should be able to host Node.js applications.

The server will also help you avoid major changes in the client side code, thus alleviating some of the pressure. The database migration tool, on the other hand, helps you smoothly transfer everything. The Parse migration will allow you to restore backups as well as backup your database on demand as and when you need it.

You will also have the option to be able to have raw access to your application’s data. However to get the full benefit of these tools it is imperative to have started this process as soon as practically possible.