Why Taxi Dispatch System Makes Perfect Sense for Office Employees

Taxis are becoming an important mode of transportation in several cities across the U.S. Most professionals working in corporate companies prefer using a cab because it is more convenient than taking their own vehicles. They don’t have to worry about spending money on fuel or wasting time finding a parking spot. Today, many corporate companies are offering taxi commute as a perk for their employees, and this means the biggest challenges for corporate transport teams are doing away with time delay and providing seamless security and hassle-free travel.

Corporate Taxi Use

In the corporate world, timely pick up of employees along with safe drop after work is a major concern. Corporate transport teams will benefit from using a taxi dispatch system that allows them to monitor when the employee gets into the vehicle and what time they get out. This ensures their safety and also minimizes delays. It even streamlines taxi service for employees who can book taxis using their smartphones or an online taxi booking software like Taxi Pulse.

However, corporate companies should realize that when they use a taxi service for their employees, it is essential that the service is registered and regulated by the local authorities. This gives peace of mind knowing that the service is reliable and trustworthy. But when it comes to saving time on the commute and security, it can often be a big challenge for the corporate transport team.

A Unique Employee Travel Solution

Corporate companies can use a taxi dispatch system that is customized to suit their needs. This system can ensure the safety of employees and to a certain extent also take care of delays.

Companies should opt for a taxi dispatch system that is app-based as well as offers online taxi booking software. This gives freedom to employees to either use their smartphone, tablets, desktops or laptops to book their ride, while the corporate transport department has access to all the details of the employees’ to and fro journeys. Such a system offers corporate companies the best of both worlds — online booking and dispatching service — rolled into one. It also makes the work of the transport team quicker, easier and hassle-free.

What do Corporations need from a Taxi Dispatch System?

Unlike the average ride hailer, corporations and employees are different. They have different needs that a typical taxi dispatch system cannot address properly.

● Time Delay: It is prudent to remember that in the corporate world time translates to money. Companies cannot afford to let employees waste their time waiting for their ride to come. Deadlines and urgent work will go for a toss.

● Employee Security: When an employee is traveling for work, their safety is the responsibility of their employer. Hence, a registered taxi service that offers seamless travel for employees is the preferred choice for corporate entities.

● Access to Travel Information: Companies reimburse employees for the expenses they incur when they pay for work-related travel out of their own pockets. Under such circumstances, the accounts department needs the correct and precise information to ensure there is no problem with accounting. A taxi dispatch system ensures the employer also can get access to the information of the rides and the associated costs.

A taxi dispatch system that caters to these needs will be able to succeed in this specific niche. Also, it can turn into a cost-saving measure for the corporation. Statistics from Uber show that a company can save as much as $1,000 per employee.

As a taxi company, if such a service can meet the needs of the corporate traveler, it will prove to be a roaring success. It will allow corporate employees to book rides effortlessly and the online taxi booking software can make certain corporate employees’ get priority when they want to book the taxi service. In addition, it ensures quick and easy access to the details of taxi bookings so that there is no scope for ambiguities; and any customer service issue can be addressed and resolved quickly by the taxi service.