Why Your Restaurant Needs A Online Food Ordering System?

Discussing and fumbling over the phone, the pressure of the long line, and the bad reception may result in customers spending less in general.

As pizzeria and more quick service customers order in person and even on the phone right now, may not be a case of much longer time. In fact, it has been seen that the restaurants have experienced profit with the online food delivery system. Now customers can take their time and precisely define their orders.

After observing a look at the group of restaurants that use online ordering system, it was found that they see their check sizes almost 23% larger than the in-store checks on average.

Even after these statistics, many restaurants still hesitate to integrate the online food delivery system with their restaurant POS, and give some common reasons like: We are already going through the third-party ordering sites, our restaurants are not right for the online ordering, and even they claim that restaurant online ordering has not impacted much on industry. The list is neverending. It goes on and on.

Even those people who recognize the movement, offer online ordering only through the third-party websites. Because of that, they appeal to a wide customer base but lose the great part of pre-order revenue.

Restaurants that are opting to use the in-house online food ordering solution by their point of sale feel many benefits when compared to those of third-party services.

These perks include insights on individual customers, higher profits, the customizable interface and user experience, and so on.

If you are still not convinced, here are some reasons to adopt the online ordering system for your restaurant, particularly one which is integrated with the point of sale for improving efficiency.

#1: The Demand For The Online Ordering System Is Real

One of the most important reasons for adopting online food delivery system is that the demand for this system really exists. Offering online ordering facility conveys to the customer base that restaurant is modern as well as accessible and convenient to all its guests.

#2: Online Ordering Compels More Revenue

Providing online food ordering facility lets the customers place their orders more conveniently. As they don’t feel any pressure to quickly wrap up their orders, customers getting more inclined for exploring all the menu options and end up spending more than they would do while ordering in person or even over the phone.

The result is digital orders generates almost $5 more on average than the non digital orders. As there is no line behind them and pressure on the customers for making speedy orders has gone, they are more inclined to get the extra items.

#3: You Won’t Sacrifice The Customer-Staff Interactions

Restaurant owners might feel that online ordering facility will eliminate the human interaction between customers and their staff, but this is a myth. It is true that the customers won’t be talking to the employees over a phone, still, they need to converse with one of your staff when picking up their orders, or with the delivery person.

These conversations would be less rushed as the restaurant’s phone would be less tied up. The staff will focus on satisfying the customers by creating efficient virtual user-experience.

#4: Order Accuracy Will Improve

The interjections such as- can you repeat your order, sir? Sorry mam, what did you say? are too familiar for those people who take orders over the phone. Sometimes, the miscommunication occurs and the employees end up receiving the wrong order. It indicates to the wasted food, angry customers, and disappointed managers. With the online ordering system, customers make everything clear from their end and there is no mix up as everything is in writing.

#5: It Is Customizable To Fit All The Needs Of Your Customers

With the online ordering system, you can make real-time, instant changes to the design and menu. You would have control over your brand, and customers will check out your website while placing their orders. You can throw some images of delicious meals that you think make your brand appealing.

At Last,

In a very short span of time, online food delivery system for the restaurants have played the major role in the food industry. You must give a try to this facility for your restaurant. It will be beneficial for you and your customers too.

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