Marketing Automation and Customer Retention Consultant.

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I create content on Product Marketing (Apps, SaaS, Web), Marketing Automation, Customer Engagement and Conversion Funnels.

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About Me

Hi, I am Ritesh Osta, a marketing automation and customer retention Expert.

I help B2B, and SaaS companies increase sales velocity using my “Funnel Experience Framework.(click here to know more)

I help startups & businesses with:

✔ Marketing Automation

✔ Customer Retention & CRM.

✔ Product Engagement.

I work with:

👌 SaaS Companies

👌 Mobile Apps & Cloudbased Companies

👌 High Growth Tech Startups

Some of the notable clients that I have worked with:

Opalsoft, Amkor Tech, Tech Mahindra, Lixil, Innofied Technologies, Allrideapps and, Woliba, 5CentsCDN, more.

I am also a certified public speaker and trainer and I love coaching people.I love cats and am a part of PAWS which provides shelter to homeless animals.

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Helping B2B and SaaS companies increase sales velocity using Funnel Experience Framework. Visit to read more..