Customisable Personal Banking Experience

Just like how you would customise your new laptop, mobile covers & t-shirts; now banks have also started providing customised services to stay in the game. In India, we have around 93 commercial banks, most of them offering pretty much the same type of services and benefits. The benefit of having a bank account could be similar for all; but the method of using the account will be different for all.

For example: Anita and her father got a new savings account from the same bank. Both of their accounts are exactly similar — it’s minimum balance, no. of ATM withdrawals, transaction limit etc. 
Anita needs an account to withdraw cash, to make online transactions and shop online on a timely manner. While her dad purely wants it for saving purpose.

What we understand from this quick example is — both Anita and her dad wants the same thing, a bank account. But both their needs are different. So why offer them the same saving account?

Understanding the (bank’s) business needs and it’s possibilities clubbed with the user’s requirements helps to design an optimum experience for all.

Commercial Banks steps inside the ‘digital’ ring for growing and capturing the new internet savvy (growing rapidly) users.

When it came to providing a platform for signing up a saving account, we needed to understand a few things.
a. why would users come to a website to sign-up for an account?
b. what would they be expecting?
c. what are the current things they are familiar with and have confident in using it?

After few weeks of study we came up with a simple 4-step method for user’s to get an account.


When one decides to get an account, he/she may want to learn a few things before actually getting one. Here we help users to equip themselves with information they are looking for — Offering them a trigger to create, configure & decide.


Allowing users to configure their personal saving account as how they intent to use it. This allows them to access their personal behaviour and design an account as they use.


This is the crucial step where the users become an account holders. It is important to understand and offer the right things to make their decision. Showing complete clarity is at times directly proportionate in gaining the trust of the users.


Purchase & post-purchase experience is one of the key step for a successful consumer experience. Organisations should understand the discomforts with a digital purchase and aim at having better experience. Sale is just the beginning of a long-term relationship.

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