Light it

Chapter 2 <rap version>

@ the grave

[A-Sharp: Verse]
These oldies say that I am a fool cause i am ambitious, that ain’t cool
You can try and stop me, insult me, hit me — but this won’t stop me
I am from here, I belong here, I will play here, I will win here.
Your ego is too big, you twig. We don’t dig your gig. Yes!
We will light it, we will light it, fight it.
Come’on Master! take it away.

[Master Tim-me]
You can talk-talk-talk; talk and walk, smuck!
You better watch your mouth or we bring it down to south
You don’t have the guts to fight, you just talk out of spite.
We are ready, warm’d up we shall show you on the battle ground
Hounds, Hounds — we are the Big Black Hounds; we will pound it

Light it, light it, light up the mountain of sin
At any given time of the day, never be afraid to just
Light it, light it, light up the evil spin.

Out of nowhere Anita jumps in the scene yelling
“What the hell are you idiots doing here. Mr. Kumar has been looking for you since an hour; you idiots better come right now; it’s urgent.”

Ashok and Timmy completely baffled kills the bon-fire, picks up their things and run towards Mr. Kumar’s house.


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