Advantages to employeeownership

The startup of many hands

Advantages to employee

When a business belongs to
the workers, the job of a
manager is to expose workers
on how to run a business.

In addition to the technical
training, managers must train
in administration, managerial
and accounting skills.

Unlike the typical workplace,
owner employees know exactly
how much a company and each
individual earns.

There is value with having a
fully informed workplace.

In terms of problems that can
arise, including safety,
production and theft
concerns, when workers
cooperate together with a
sense of shared ownership,
those problems that do arise
are more easily solved.

A tightly integrated network
of cooperatives

An integrated network of
employee owned cooperatives
is about the constructive and
democratic use of capital.

Rather than flowing into the
pockets of executives and
outside investors, company
profits are distributed in a
precise, democratic way.

Money is set aside as seed
money for new cooperatives,
or pooled into shared
institutions such as an
education, research, or
health center.

In other words, each
individual cooperative gains
long-term benefits from the
financial assets of the
larger network of

Overall success comes down to
well-run companies that meet
a need.

The people who form
successful cooperatives do
not do so because of an
egalitarian ideal.

Their drive to succeed is
based on the necessity to
feed and provide for their

This is what happen at Codingate