Life related questions

Answer questions about life to Lomorpich Rithy that asked this three, simple but very difficult to answer questions.

What is life to you?
On philosophical level, life is an ever ending evolution of life itself.
We live to learn, to work and stay active. We will always curious to look for things we haven’t seen or place we haven’t been. This used to be our survival instinct, now it serve as our tools to seek for meaning. Because, not doing anything meaningful at all will be bored us and we may not have any reason to live, anymore.

In addition, we live our life for other’s lives. We all have our tendency in our DNA to share our current understanding and knowledge to others, mostly younger people. We do this through our own kids, students, and mentees. So that we don’t die, even if our physical body isn’t alive.

On personal level, life is in deed complicated. It’s always give us a higher level of challenge to overcome. We never know for sure, what lie before us, until we go there.

Sometime I wish life could just like a Christian tale; there are only me and Eva :)

Now you work on KOOMPI, you see your life is changing?
In the public eyes, people may see that my life is changed. But I am still me, nothing change. I still live the way I lived before. I commute the way I do everyday, bicycling, and occasionally TukTuk. Eat the same food I do eat everyday, occasionally, i have some good meal with people I care about. Which also what I did before.

What changes are the ability to do what I have dreamed of doing, kind more easier, able to attract more like-minded individual to work together with me, simpler. This might change sooner or later, because not everyone is going like working with us forever. They have their dream and their life to live for.

On top of ability to do more, I spend less time thinking about how to survive in business, and more time on how to do more of what we love doing as a collective. At the same time to ensure that we don’t just do what we love, but also serve people of value we create.

So what we are doing now is to set up a stage/platform, where people
can dream more fearlessly and work on their dreams more ease.

Is that what u want?
I question myself that question very often. The answer is that I want to see the KOOMPI spirit happen. KOOMPI to me, as well as other projects I involve, is the spirit of simple idea with great work effort.

But I wont want to run it for the rest of my life, in term of business. I still want to work on the engineering side — building things and research for more possibilities. Always love building of value to people to use, place that people feel loved, and mostly want to use it for myself also, but not to run the business. I believe there are people who love to run the business, with the right mindset and thinking-alike, they will run the businesses our team now are building.

I want to keep on learning, stay informed with things in the world, updating my knowledge about the world and technology, because we can’t live away from technology, participate in freeing the world to think and to see the world outside and above us.

What i really want in life is to leave something of value to the next generation, and live my live in a nature — aligned with nature’s law— be with nature, and away from money and greed.