Mini Rocket set to launch before the year end

Would you be laughing right now, when after you have read the title of this essay?

I was hoping that maybe in 10 years, we could do something in that space. Though, after talking to some interested and enthusiastic researchers, students in the space, things started to get more real.

The team just started to experimenting with liquid fuel and other like. There are more thing to tell, but it’s too early to speak right now. I am just too excited to see the team is actually doing it.

They live our dream, not just for the people from KOOMPI and SmallWorl, but also possibly a dream of many of us in our generation.

We believe in the thinking big and abundant. Thinking big here means think positive and think possible for greater good.

We really hope that by launching the first rocket, might be the first step to challenge our next generation to pursuit something beyond — our current effort to just thinking about economic development, border between nations — but more about what we can do as a specie together.

This might be dreamy. This might be real.

— — —

Work at SmallWorld Venture and Love to see people use KOOMPI and its core KOSMOS OS.