My Favorite Channel to Best Whatsapp Status — Check this Out!

The advent of digitization and the in-turn rise of social media have revolutionized the way we communicate, right from our work life to our personal life. Social Media is a platform where people come together to generate and read content and visuals. The explosion of this media has led to us being online for quite a considerable number of hours each day. From Facebook to Twitter, Instagram to Snapchat, everything is keeping us occupied but how can I forget to mention — Whatsapp.

Whatsapp Messenger has become an inevitable part of our professional as well personal lives. We literally stay online 24×7 with Whatsapp. It has provided us with the unlimited chat time, exchange of images, videos, contacts and even more interestingly, the display picture and status features. Talking about the cool features of Whatsapp, I personally find the status part extremely fun. I mean, we can keep changing the status based on our moods. And what can be better than being able to express your mood with the best words! Yes, I’m talking about Good Whatsapp Status.

Take, for instance, my Amazing Whatsapp status,,

One day, people who didn’t believe in me will use my name to quote Success”

And do you know from where I got this?

I just came across this really cool website while I was searching for good whatsapp status. I was stunned with the plethora of social media status they have in stores for us. They have over 60 Categories for the status, to name a few, Cool Whatsapp Status, Love Whatsapp Status, Funny Whatsapp Status, … the list goes on. Can you beat that? But you know what the best part is? They upload unique and new status every single day.

Now, you must be wondering, how do they manage the huge number of categories along with the unique content, well; even I wondered the same, until I came across the Contributors List. They have around hundreds of contributors. So, here’s the catch. Anyone can submit the status and get paid for each status they write. The process is also simple, just sign up and submit the status. Once it gets approved, you receive the payment. Isn’t this really simple and fun?

Here are few of my favorite picks from the galore of status options:

Funny Whatsapp Satus

  • Mood of the day: Leave me a loan.
  • Yes, I can do whatever I want but need mera rasta rook leti h…
  • My mom is better than Google; she can find anything but her mobile phone.

Cool Whatsapp Status

  • Fairness is just a myth. Half the population on this planet is dark-skinned and the remaining has dark hearts!
  • I make same mistake two times, just to be sure.
  • I don’t follow any trends but whatever I wear, becomes a trend.

So, why don’t you go check out this pretty cool website and share your favorite picks in the comments below.

Happy StatusUpdating!

Originally published at on October 15, 2016.