In the Darkness of the night

Nights are beautiful, 
So beautiful that I long for a glimpse of its beauty even in the day 
I long for its soothing touch, 
I hear the moans of silence in the night that lasts from 2am to 4am,
Often this silence is interrupted by the sirens of the patrolling vans of Delhi police, 
Sometimes by the guards beating their sticks and blowing the whistles to scare off the dangers lurking in the darkness of the night, 
And other times by the noise made by airplanes crashing their way through the winds.
The night holds within itself a box of secret stories that vanish with the first rays of sun, 
the many unheard and unseen but intriguing series of stories,
Maybe even the mosquitoes buzz to narrate some stories they have gathered from the far off land 
The stealthy walks of silence crashes in my heart and I long to behold it and be a slave to the dark clouds,
This is the time I listen to the tales of darkness and talk to the shadows of the past, 
But the moment it convinces me to elope with it, 
The wicked day light steals it all.

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