MyTrade , a next generation DEX

👉MyTrade V2 will first launch on Polygon with an experimental token eMYT. MYT will launch 2-3 months after the experimental phase ends

Experimental Token - eMYT
Due to the complexities of the algorithms and smart contracts introduced by MyTrade, an experimental token eMYT will be launched first before MYT replaces it as the platform token. This experimental phase with eMYT will last 2-3 months, and afterwards the platform will smoothly transition to using MYT as mining output.

You can get eMYT via MyTrade V2’s mining incentives or by directly purchasing it. You can use eMYT in one of three ways:
1. eMYT will become a governance token with double the voting rights of MYT;
2. eMYT will have value and will be tradeable on MyTrade;
3. For those users who stake eMYT, they will earn 0.3% of all the trading fees during the experimental phase. 100% of the staked eMYT will be burned at the end of the experimental phase.

👉The total supply of eMYT is 10 million and will be released for mining incentives over the beta period. After the end of the beta, all eMYT that has not been mined will be destroyed. Please note that eMYT does not get converted into MYT as a token holder, but the mining output of eMYT from each block will be directly changed to MYT.

- 45% allocated to Liquidity Mining
- 35% allocated to Limit Order Mining
- 20% allocated to Trade Mining

eMYT Contract Address: 0xda95a11eDbcd59552271a47E3DE34A9b4FD905c4

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