And then I watched Kapoor & Sons

I love stories. Stories my dad told me, stories I read, stories I heard and stories I watched have always somehow made a greater impact on me than my everyday reality. So obviously, I have always been a movie buff. I swear by my characters; I dance, cry, laugh and sometimes even jump with them. But I have always wondered; why do I find Hollywood movies more relatable than Indian movies? After all, I am an Indian citizen a rather typical one, born and raised in India.

And then yesterday I watched Kapoor & Sons.

There are two extremes in Indian Cinema, one larger than life and other being the extreme minority. I am used to the ‘can do no wrong’ protagonist doing unlikely song sequences wearing weather-inappropriate designer clothes and delivering unheard-of catch phrases. Why will I find it relateable!

All of this changed and how with Kapoor & Sons. I can’t thank Shakun Batra enough for a story so beautifully told and for characters so real. Right from the protagonists to the mistress who probably had less than five minutes of screen space, the narration made me walk in all of their shoes. Friends, family, and folks, those of you who haven’t already, should really take out time & watch Kapoor & Sons.

It’s a rather simple story of a grandfather who has lived long enough to understand the futility of life without love. A couple who needs to be reminded of their own love story. A husband who never got a second chance. A wife struggling to make her identity as a woman. A mother torn between her idea of perfect children and their reality. An elder brother using the façade of perfection to camouflage who he is, trading for he is supposed to be. A younger brother letting a misunderstood and assumed sibling riff to cloud everything else in his life.

The beauty of the story lies in its predictability and how it makes you mutter repeatedly ‘I know right’. I am so thankful to the makers who have proved so perfectly that perfection is overrated. I have to say, the cast of the movie was a rather good looking one but that was the last thing I noticed about them. Even the supporting characters had so much depth, they had a purpose of their own. The friend who stayed back to continue his dad’s business, the colleague who has an affair, the sister who inspires independence, the brother who’s present but only in cheques, the friend’s brother who can jiggle his chest and the old crush that is still hot as ever. You will hear all of their voices and remember all of their tiny anecdotes.

The only character that seemed slightly cliché to me was Alia’s. But then I honestly can’t complain much when so much else was so moving.

Thank you guys for bringing me a love story that’s not a ‘love at first sight’. Thank you for reminding that the best relationships are those where no matter how long has it been, you can always start from where you left. Thank you for making me realize that the people I resent have a story of their own too. Thank you for reconfirming my belief in legacies and family trees. Thank you for bringing a story that is so real and still not exhausting. And most importantly thank you for making me realize that home is not a place, it’s a feeling.