The Powerfulness and Powerlessness of Parenthood

mother and child

Today is one of those days when I saw myself getting lost in overthought. And when that happens, I make poems-

Life goes on about as usual,

Being an adult takes its toll.

One day you enter with a kick and cry,

And that’s when things start to roll.

There is little time to fuss and mull,

About silly things such as sleep and rest.

The feeding, the bathing, the caring feels so tough,

And I wonder if mom truly knows best.

Best or not, it didn’t matter to you,

For you truly saw me as your hero.

Your tiny eyes searched for my tired, fuzzy face,

Even as I struggled to cope with parenting from ground zero.

Suddenly I had the powers to bring someone smiles,

And even make them laugh out loud hysterically.

Suddenly I became the person with all the answers,

What were the odds of that happening otherwise, speaking empirically?

Sometimes I remind myself that this isn’t going to last forever,

That you will grow wiser and that your dependence is a temporary guest.

That you will have more questions than I can ever answer,

That I am not likely to pass the entire stack of textbook parenting tests.

I know that no matter how hard I try to protect you from pain,

You have your own assigned share of sorrows and hurt.

That I can barely just give you tips to navigate your life,

But it is you who has to work on the response, when life gets curt.

Such is the life of a parent,

We are all-powerful and all-powerless, all at once.

We can do so much, yet possibly achieve so little,

But we try to the moon and back for our young ones.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — -

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