The Fixes of Google Chrome For Android

Chrome is the open source web browser. Google Chrome made by google. Google Chrome is one of the other parts of open source software. The other open source project of google is Chromium.

The first version of google chrome was beta and it was made for only Microsoft Windows. After some time Google Chrome run in other devices such as Linux, Android, and Mac Os. Now I am going to talk about the problems of Google chrome and their solutions. These types of problems the users facing many times when they use Google Chrome on Android Devices. If you find any problem that is related to Google Chrome. Then you will contact with Chrome Support Number. They will help you for solving your problems. These problems are fix by a troubleshoot with Chrome browser. This process will take your some time.

In this condition, the users face various types of problems with Google Chrome such as freezing, crashing and stop working.

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1. Webpage not available- When the web page is not available then you will find two types of issues. One is err_connection_failed and the other is err_connection_closed.

2. Proxy error with Google Chrome- In this process, you will find the issue is err_connection_reset_chrome.

You can try these common fixes for solving your Google Chrome crash problems. When your Android Phone has run out of memory. The site cannot load while your programs and apps are also running. Then you will free up your Android phone memory. In this condition, you will close every tab but expect for one tab that will be showing the error message. Then you will quit the other apps or programs that are working. After that, you will pause any file downloads and go on the erroring tab, try to reload the site. The second option is you will restart the Chrome browser. Then you will follow these points. One is “At the bottom, tap overview” and second is “swipe the chrome window to close”. And the other option you will restart your Android mobile after that try to loading that page again.

If the page works in another browser then you will try to uninstall Chrome. After that, you will make sure to check box to delete the browsing data then reinstall the google chrome.

After following these steps you can enjoy the Google chrome on your Android phone.

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