Designing for Good Works

Ritik Dholakia
Dec 30, 2017 · 4 min read

Six years ago, we started Studio Rodrigo. We were very intentional in establishing an independent studio, so that we could pursue projects that were meaningful.

One dimension of meaning comes from finding client work that is cool, innovative, and has the potential to reach lots of people.

Another dimension involves partnering with mission-driven organizations who we believe are doing important work in the world, and finding out how to use our skill sets to amplify their mission.

The past year has re-enforced the importance of this mission and values-driven work to our studio. We’ve tried to be vocal about our values — we think it’s important that businesses, and particularly creative businesses, are clear and loud about the kind of world we want to live and work in.

As we start 2018, we are seeking initiatives that could benefit from creative collaboration. Please get in touch — info [at] studiorodrigo [dot] com.

What Can We Do?

We have a great space in the Flatiron that can host small meetings, brainstorms, or other events.

We will work on a volunteer basis or project basis.

What Makes A Good Collaboration

Where Do We Want to Make an Impact?

Supporting Creative Entrepreneurs

Uprise Art, 2015

We’ve had the pleasure of an ongoing working relationship with Tze Chun and Whitney Shaw and their team at Uprise Art, who are doing an incredible job representing emerging artists and providing a unique digital and real world platform to connect artists and collectors. From the outset, Tze and Whitney have had an incredible vision and been incredible collaborators, and we love helping them realize and extend their vision to their network of creative collaborators.

Amplifying Voices, 2015

Feministing has a long history as a platform featuring a diversity of feminist voices. Kate Proulx established a fresh visual identity, and working closely with Lori Adelman and Jos Truitt, we helped revamp in 2015 to provide a confident, vibrant online presence to this amazing community of writers and activists.

Telling Vital Stories

S Town, 2017

Stories that help communicate the truth, nuance, and complexity of life seem more necessary than ever. We’ve been lucky to be friends with a lot of incredible folks in the podcasting and public media world — and always happy to help when they need a hand.

We’ve had the pleasure to work with the team at This American Life on the S Town podcast and both seasons of Serial. The team at PRX and Radiotopia have allowed us to help with everything from branding to designing their websites. And we had fun helping the good folks at Oscilloscope with the initial digital promotion of Kedi.

The Radiotopia Zag, 2016

Working with great story tellers is, in and of itself, incredibly rewarding creatively — but we definitely feel like the value of stories to connect and ground us is important in our current political and cultural moment

Promoting Civic Engagement

TurboVote GOTV, 2017

While we aren’t normally in the business of digital advertising, we were very happy to help the team at TurboVote with their Get Out the Vote campaigns for the 2016 election and the 2017 state elections in New Jersey and Virginia.

We’ll continue to be engaged through 2018 on civic initiatives and supporting progressive candidates for office where we can.

Want to collaborate? Please get in touch: info (at) studiorodrigo (dot) com

Ritik Dholakia

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Studio Rodrigo. State x State. Brooklyn, NY.