The following has been edited for readability. This document summarizes the minutes from Ritocoin’s second community meeting.

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A full and complete transcript may be found in the Ritocoin discord’s #ritodev channel.

Ritocoin Community Meeting

Ritocoin is an open source, decentralized crypto platform based on the Ravencoin platform. Ritocoin will upkeep with all the newest updates from Raven, and implement the ones that interest the Ritocoin community, and improve or enhance user experience on the Ritocoin platform.

The major focus for us right now is this.

  • Bring new features to the chain that people will want to use.

Spring 2019 birdsong

Hello, Ritocoin fam

So much has happened since we last wrote. Things have not showed signs of slowing down, either. Please continue on, dear reader (ritor?) to learn more. If you are currently developing / interested in developing on, or, if you’re just plain jazzed about what you can do with your project on the ritocoin platform, drop in on the roost and hang a bit.

Upcoming Community Meeting

The last community meeting was well received and we are excited to keep the conversation going. Just like last meeting, you will have the opportunity to join the meeting regardless of your time zone…

There is now an asset explorer available for Ritocoin. You can access the explorer at and read creator recent interview below. If you have any questions for the person who created this Ritocoin asset explorer, he may be reached in the Ritocoin discord under the handle, Scotty.

Asset explorer features:

Total assets
Search bar — search by asset name or holding address
Assets list
Recent activity — transfer, create, reissue and etc
Assets overview
Asset balances
Asset transactions

1. How long were you working on it before you released it to the public?

It was originally built for Ravencoin…

We had only recently learned r/gpumining had asked our developers to host an AMA on their subreddit which then opened the door to a discussion about engaging Ritocoin’s non-dev community members.

How do we attract designers, investors and intellectuals?

How do we create a space to which people continually return for active participation in shaping this shared distributed ecosystem?

How do we create a crypto that, as an investment, you can not wait to buy again and again?

Most importantly, how do we give back to our supporters?

Still a fledgling project.. a flash in the pan of encrypted peer-to-peer…

The Ritocoin asset layer went live at block 50,000. Once activated, this feature gives anyone with at least 500 RITO the ability to issue a unique token to the Ritocoin blockchain.

Transfer RITO to your wallet:

First, you will need 500 RITO in your desktop wallet. From the left-hand navigation menu of the Rito Core wallet, select the Request payment button. You will be provided with an option to copy an address or save a file with a QR code for your address. Send 500 RITO to your address and when the transaction is fully confirmed you will be able to create an asset.

Hello, world! We are Rito.

Who are we?

We are trying to build a truly community driven project. It is not ours to give every voice a chance to be heard because it is the most basic yet essential of human rights and it resides within us all. We are building the playground of the mind. We are the dreamers, the builders of tomorrow and the misfits of today.

What are we?

Bitcoin continues to inspire, empower and enable people around the globe. Ten years later, just as it seemed Bitcoin was being defined by commercial agents and regulated governance, that same free and independent spirit imbued the Ravencoin community. …

Rito Coin

Ritocoin is a blockchain software development project designed to experiment with alternative and additional concepts.

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