A day for Public Transportation

Kochi is growing every day, there are many vehicles added to the roads on a daily basis. The width of the roads however remains the same.

This is where a think tank based in the city CPPR came up with the idea of organizing Kochi Public Transport Day on every first Friday of a month. The idea is very simple, get maximum people to leave their private vehicles and to consider public transportation to their destination.

The District Collector Sri Mohammed Safirulla is a huge supporter of the initiative and shows the way by setting an example. On 4th May 2018, he had taken a cycle to Maharaja’s College Metro Station , a metro to Kaloor and then a bus to the civil station. Today was again a Friday and the first of July. CPPR organized the initiative yet again keeping in mind the transportation problems of the people in Vypeen. Here’s how the event was planned.

Details of the program

The District collector reached on time and took tickets for the boat ride to Vypeen.

Be the change you want to see

He patiently listened to the problems faced by the commoners.

He spoke at a function jointly organized by Greater Cochin Development Watch and CPPR at High Court Junction on the importance of Public Transportation and how public and government can come together to solve an issue.

District Collector Sri Mohammed Safirulla addressing the public

As a student of journalism, it was a great experience for me to cover the event. I was invited by the organizers to spread the word of Public Transportation with my friends.

If you are reading this today, I urge you to take a bus or a metro to your destination. You can post a story about it using the hash tag #KochiPublicTransportDay

Let’s make our city a role model to the world.