A review of many stories

Saroj, my vocabulary needs to updated to describe you. I am officially your fan.

You have gifted me a family who knows what it means to empathize. 
You have gifted me a family who I know will read my stories.
Let me warn you some may be boring and some exciting.

When I saw your post in WAKE regarding places to host a story session. I really hoped your wish to come true soon. I knew there are many out their who wants to share their dreams with others. I knew your sessions were the perfect platform.

Let me thank Mohit and Himanshu for their initiative called Stories worth sharing .

If not for you , I wouldn’t have written the blog. 
If not for you, I wouldn’t have heard Mathai sir describing the challenges one could face in life.

The inspiring story of Johaan to the base camp of Mt. Everest captured my attention. While he was narrating the story I saw the hardship he had to take and I now know he will conquer many peaks in life.

Aravind who inaugurated the session with his story has already started reading by 10 year old blog. Poor chap, he will have to go through a lot of garbage.

The tree of enlightenment

This place will be etched in our memories for long.

One day we will narrate the stories which are yet to be unfolded. 
One day our stories will be polished to perfection as the umbrella.
One day we will trick our brains to create wonders and to travel further. 
One day we will remember the numbers we thought we forgot. 
One day our names will be remembered for we are wise.

A journey of 1000 miles, starts with a single step. My first step I believe starts under the tree. The tree of enlightenment.

Thank you Saroj and SWS for the wonderful afternoon and the lovely evening with food on table. We will spread the word and create a world with many Stories worth Sharing.

From an ardent FAN of Saroj.
The hyperactive Rittu J Jacob.