Eiv and Eif

I kept lying to myself that I created Eiv and Eif out of curiosity. The fact is I created Eiv and Eif….

Let’s go back to March 2017, my father had already retired and my mother too. This meant for the first time in my life, I had to pitch in to run the house.

Towards the 5th of every month I ended up with Rs 2000 to eat, meet and recharge myself. This was certainly not enough and I managed to survive the month of March. I broke down 2000 into 500 per week of which some amount was kept aside for petrol, tea, snacks and refreshments.

I started putting in extra hours at office just to make sure I kept myself busy. I had no choice. I skipped many movies and outing with my friends. This was also the time when my digestive system said, “You can’t eat buddy”.

My parents somehow pushed me to the hospital and asked me to take the expert opinion.

I went through colonoscopy. You need to drink to clear your stomach and the drink tastes awful. My heart beats went to another level when the doctor ordered for biopsy. The test results was fine. I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis.

Someone who hardly took pills in his life started eating 4 tablets a day. The worst part I couldn’t eat things I loved. Imagine sitting in a hospital room and doctor requesting a malayalee, you shouldn’t eat BEEF. It was hell on earth.

For me going out with my friends was always the first stress reliever and second eating out. Both were out of the option as everything came crashing down in one go. I started controlling my life, the way I eat, the way I work and the way I made friends.

Someone in my mind said, Eiv, it’s time you let things out of you or you might lose yourself. I had to listen to that inner voice and I did.

Eiv and Eif was born out of sheer necessity.

Today things are much better. I live a decent life. I learned how to live for Rs 500 a week and how to control my diet. I guess this was a learning I required for some dreams to take shape.

Eiv was always me and Eif was you. They were never fictional characters as I don’t posses the prowess of writing fiction.

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