What Starlet taught me?

Just when I am thinking to write the post, she came running upstairs and quickly placed her two lovely paws over my lap. We looked at each other and we knew we have a deeper connect than human beings.

Starlet is my pet dog who I adopted from my cousins place. She will be 8 this June.
Starlet aka love, she chose me.


When we got Starlet to our home, my father wasn’t keen in giving her the space she required. He had many dogs during his younger days and he couldn’t stand another loving thing passing away while he was alive. He had seen many of his own poisoned to death and some giving away their own lives fighting snakes to save their humans.

One day when my father returned from Kottayam. Starlet ran towards him and started jumping around. His heart melt. He probably hadn’t seen her love until then. He couldn’t control anymore. He picked her up and from the day onward, he was her first human. I was easily sidelined.

A dog can wait for 8 months. Can I?


Everyday I wonder how she manages to keep her kennel and our home clean. Once we had an emergency situation at home and we had to keep Starlet inside our home for over 24 hours. We thought she would have peed in the main room. We opened the door and she gave her pleasantries and ran past us onto the open ground. We were astonished to find everything intact and the room clean.

A dog can keep her surroundings clean. Can you?


A couple of months ago. She fell sick. We thought we lost her. I was a moron who was completely busy with work and cycling and I took her to the vet at the last moment. She hardly walked, she was always in the kennel and lying beside us. Two weeks of medicines and with a little bit of my attention. She sprang back to life. I was relieved.

She is a fighter. Are we ?

There are many more lessons she taught me over the last 7 years. The common factor that connects all the lessons is love. Unfortunately we are living in a world of hate. Let’s learn to love and respect everyone irrespective of what they do to us. It’s called unconditional love.

I am still a student of hers trying to master her skill. Starlet…..there she is :)

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