Your Time and My Time

I was awake before 06:00 AM today, I didn’t have an alarm. I don’t need one since I started cycling. I am bit injured to ride, bit rusty to go for a walk, a bit lazy to exercise.

I wanted to give my brain an exercise. I am someone who follows Goalcast videos and I stumbled upon this beauty.

I could easily relate the video to my own life. I had a five year plan. I wanted to be a graduate at 21 , be a post graduate at 23 . I wanted to get campus placed the same year. I wanted to get married at 27. I wanted to buy a car before my marriage.

Here I am, still figuring what I need to do, where do I channelize my time and my energy. I am 29 this April. I am not a post graduate, neither did I land a corporate job until I was 25. I am not married either. I do have a car.

Your time and my time is yet to arrive. Stay Hungry and Stay Foolish.

Rittu J Jacob

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